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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surveying My Mess

Do you ever get organized once you start homeschooling? Seriously! Whew! I always seem to have stacks of books/papers/notes/catalogs that I want to look at, but can't seem to find the time. I have started grabbing some of it when I have five minutes to spare and quickly looking through it. I file some things away on bookshelves or other appropriate spot, but it is neverending. And just when does the cleaning happen at your house, if you are schooling and living life all day. I mean, I am cleaning all day long, but it is the things that I have to do as they happen and some of the things I should do are just not happening... well, I guess I could grab this moment... uh... but I want to blog a little. Cleaning (really cleaning and not just damage control) of my floors seems like it never happens because it is so rare. Okay, so after 3 meal in the dining room and the kitchen those floors seem to get the most cleaning, but it is only because we have to clean up some spill and I wouldn't really say they get a good cleaning. The carpet... well, I would love to rip that stuff up. Since I have had kids I despise carpet. We only have carpet in the bedrooms and the school room (used to be a living room). Anyway, it always needs vacuuming even when it has just been vacuumed.... it doesn't always get it and I looked down and realize there are little particles everywhere (fuzz, paper bits, etc.) Clutter abounds.... I try to just close my eyes to it all because I can't do it all. It doesn't go away, though. Lately, I dread visitors!!! Ughhhhh!! I love to always have a welcoming home, but it is getting harder to let people see my mess. BUT I KNOW THAT I WILL MISS THIS MESS WHEN IT IS ALL CLEAN AND MY LITTLE ONES ARE ALL BIG ONES.....

Anyway, so I am not really freaking out here... just looking around at the stacks around me and bits of food on my dining room floor.... Life is FULL!!! And no, you are not getting a pic of my mess today. Actually, it is improving....

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