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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a Revision and Voddie Baucham

I just noticed I had a little mess up with a recent post. I just fixed it, but I thinking that some of you may not have noticed the post. Follow this link and let's get to know each other better. I know some of you are working on it and I look forward to hearing your answers. If you are a "lurker" there is no time like the present to show your "face" blog style! :) You may not realize it, but I would love to "meet" you.

Another VERY IMPORTANT THING is that I just found THIS WEBSITE for Voddie Baucham Ministries and it is f~a~b~u~l~o~u~s !!! You can listen to some of Voddie Baucham's sermons and let me tell you that you can't miss out on this. If you want to change your life for the better you want to take time for this. I had the pleasure of hearing him at the THSC Convention in August and it is a life changing thing. If you are already on the track that his sermons are on it will absolutely seal the deal for you. There is an MP3 I have at home called "Getting Your House In Order" that would change this world if the world would just listen to it and follow the instructions. I had the pleasure of hearing it live at the convention and it is absolutely a God thing that a man could speak so clearly from a man's perspective and a woman's perspective. You all know that men and women are two totally different creatures and my first thought was that I was about to hear a man's perspective only.... regarding such things as submission, etc.. I was open to that and had come there expecting it, but I was amazed that he "brought it"... and he brought it from a woman's perspective, as well. Not only that he handled a children's perspective quite well, also. That is not a "talent" or a "great speaker" thing... that is a total God thing!
I wish I could share the MP3s I have... and I am willing, if I knew how.... ;) At least, go listen to the others on the site! Have a blessed day!!


  1. I really enjoy his speaking! I wish we were in Houston to go to his church! I asked hubby if we could drive to Houston every Sunday to go to his church! It's only 3 hours... each way! :)

  2. We live very near his church, I wish we could go and visit too!! It would be nice to see other homeschoolers that believe in some of the same moral standards. (so far my husband LOVES his messages but isn't open to visting a different church...?? I'm still working on him!LOL)


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