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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever Think You Can't Get Busier?

Do you ever make the mistake of thinking you are about as busy as you could be? And you can't imagine being more maxed out? And you think, "My two little ones are finally getting over this virus they have had and have been fever free for one complete week."? Things are looking downright sunshiney out and then, the rain comes, again. Midday you realize that one of your kiddos has a mild 102 temp and is looking quite puney. By nighttime you fall into bed knowing that the night fevers are always the worst and at 2:am you go in to check on your little kiddo. Little kiddos temp is 103 and you are once again on duty for the next hour and a half (not that you are ever off duty). You awaken to the sunlight way to early for your eyes, but you trudge on deciding to take the little kiddo into the doctor because your husband is worried about the Swine Flu that is has been popping up cases left and right in your area. Confident that your child has just got another virus you figure you are a just making your husband feel better by taking the little kiddo to the doctor. And you are happy to do it even though there are more people than you have ever seen at the doctors office. The doctor (whom you know is not a panicker) walks in with a mask on to check out your little kiddo. The doctor decides that it is necessary to test for the flu. You are still thinking that it is a wonderful precautionary measure, but that your little kiddo that rarely exits your home is surely not going to have the flu. As you sit there watching your little kiddo cry because a cotton swab has just violated his nasal passages shortly after a wooden stick (tongue depressor) has been used to gag him and you watch his little shivering fever riddened body all you want to do is take him home and let him rest. You are sitting there thinking how you can't believe you are putting your child through this just to make your husband feel better. I mean, you could be at home giving him meds to keep this fever down and nice overly iced juice or popsicles while you rub his head with a damp cloth and cuddle him as he gets the rest he needs. And then, the doctor walks in and says with a frown, "It is the flu." Not the news you want to get!

Yeah, that's the kind of day I am having.... but, I know that I am blessed! And I know that as always God puts me where I need to be even when I am a bit resistant. Not just in this instance, but in all instances.

I must say that I am not too worried. I am treating this like any other flu case in our home. We are going to do our best to keep it to ourself, so as not to spread it. Other than keeping him home for the next week I will treat it just like the normal old flu virus. Caden and Sahara will be given Tamiflu since it is in the early stage for Caden and Sahara is considered high-risk for contracting it. Please add Caden to your prayers. Apparently, there is quite a bit of concern here regarding the Swine Flu as some of the communities in this area have had some positive testing for it.


  1. I couldn't tell from your post- it is the flu, but not necessarily Swine Flu right?

    I was actually reading an article the other day and left off wondering if my kiddos had it in the spring. Such a range of symptoms, it's hard to tell.

    The good news is that despite all of the shock and awe news stories, it doesn't sound as devastating as they would have us to believe. Especially considering that your children are clean and healthy compared to those living in a 3rd world country and contracting the flu. Plus you've breastfed which as you know is great for their immune response.

    I'm a minimalist/non-worry wart when it comes to illness so I might not be the best one to comfort you. (I think I drive my SIL nuts with it- she goes to the emergency room for everything ;) I'm supposed to go get the shot as pregnancy is considered high risk, but I'm passing on it. I trust that God has equipped my body to fight illness.

    You certainly seem to have a good attitude about it and that will make it easier to endure. You'll be in our prayers!

  2. They just said flu... not a specific strand of flu like swine flu. The wonderful thing is that most people that get it will have the same reaction that they would with any other flu. It is that small percent that get it and die that is scarey. I too, am not one to fret about illness. I just wish viruses didn't like us so much. ;) I rarely take my kids to the doc for illness unless I think there is a good reason (strep, earaches, things that are not your average virus). I kind of give the in-laws a panic attack, because they run the the E/R for everything. Caden's fever did rise to 104.1 this afternoon and he had the shakes and swollen eyes. I never really reach panic mode for that sort of thing, but I do start to consider that an E/R visit could be an option, if I am unable to get the temp to start going down. I did with damp cloth, icey juice, and a frozen gogurt, and Motrin. You know, this could be swine flu, but I don't take that as a death sentence... we just have to fight it and stay on top of it and pray and trust God to protect his little body.


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