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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How fitting that today I would blog about a Togetherness Secret and I would be reading my blog reading list and see that there was a post for a free eBook called Fun, Fabulous and (Mostly) Free Preschool Projects. Go get yours free for the taking. There are some great ideas in there. I have not read it all since I just downloaded it, but one of the first tips was to put all the ingredients for making cookies into a large zipper lock bag and let your preschooler squish away until it was all mixed up! Now who wouldn't love those kind of ideas!! I really want my kids to love schooling and all be in the same area together..... and not even just in the next room within earshot. I really have a great set up where the next room is the main kid bedroom and there are plenty of age appropriate preschool toys and I can hear them well. I can't see through walls, though. ;) ... even though the kids think I can! Sssshhhhh! I would love for the younger ones to grow up in a natural learning environment. I don't want to have to "rope them in" and have to try to "get their attention" like I seem to have to do with my oldest. I am having a bit of a breakthrough with her, though.... I think. I just think if this whole schooling just becomes a way of life for us and we eliminate some of the distractions, then they will want to be in here....

Also, thanks to those who have left comments on the earlier post! You are so great! ... please take time to read their comments if you have not done so already. Goodnight all... my mind need some sleep... probably obvious, right?! :)

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  1. Praying that the Lord would give you, "his beloved" some much needed rest! :)
    Sweet Dreams!


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