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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To My Father's World "groupies" :)

I never expected to get such a response to my post about holding MFW curriculum in my hands.... I also did not realize that you all were using it or such big fans of it. The funny thing is that I think I have been recruiting new "groupies" to MFW, but I am afraid to make a change. If you know what I am like in the "real world" you know that I am one of those rare beings that loves change; however, homeschooling scares the pants right off of me. I am just starting to get my A Beka stuff and understand how all the books go together, but I don't really do it all or like the "classic classroom" style of it. I love it's Math (although at a slower pace) and some of the Language portion (mostly the Phonics portion), so I guess I could continue to use that part.

I just don't "get" the Primary Language Lessons book. I like it, but maybe it is just that I have not looked at the book closely enough. Maybe the things I have questions about are covered in the Intermediat Language Lessons.... like do they learn about declarative/interoggative/exclamatory sentences, etc.? Maybe all that is just covered in older years of schooling.

Singapore Math.... Well, what is your opinion of it. I love the way A Beka builds and reinforces what they have learned by repetition. I love the examples in A Beka, also. It just makes sense to us.

Okay, I do realize that I could just stick with my A Beka Language and Math, but what I want to know is what will make my life easier and the kiddos stilll learn. Especially, the Language.... even if I stick with our A Beka Math I think I might like to try out the Primary Language Lessons. I am just wondering if it will be more enjoyable... I just don't know. Do you know what I mean? I am only 3 weeks into my current stuff.... I could still start my year fresh.... I know, I know YOU ALL SAID TO JUST DO IT.... If you have a minute, could you give me a little feedback on the above concerns I have.

One more thing.... What about the MFW Kindergarten... looks fun, BUT I want to teach Savannah and Sierra together as much as possible. Any tips on doing that. Sierra already knows all her alphabet and sounds (a few mistakes sometimes), numbers to 20, all shapes, starting to blend some vowel sounds, and can read some individual simple words (cat, hip, dig, etc.). Looking at the curriculum last night I am thinking she might be ready for the 1st grade version, but I do not want to "skip" her up a grade and her miss some fun aspects of a K program. Would she be reading some by mid-year with MFW Kindergarten? I do not have all the K stuff to look at, just some of it.

Thank you all soooooooo much for your input and help... I am up every night until around 1:00 am pondering what direction I should take with our homeschooling. My husband looked with me some last night, but we are really confused still on some of these decisions. We both agree that we want to raise Christians, happy ones, and we are trying hard to let go of the "school" ways. YOU ARE ALL SUCH A BLESSING TO MY LIFE!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


  1. Hello! I just wanted to chime in and ask about Sierra's writing skills? MFW 1 has a LOT of writing in it and it progresses fairly quickly in that area. If that will frustrate her, MFW K sounds like a great match for where she is. (Disclaimer: I've never used MFW, but I've looked at it while I was considering different curriculums.)

  2. I agree also. Take the time and enjoy (K). We didn't like language lessons. We used Learning Language Arts through Literature with Adventures. This year we're doing something different. Use whatever LA and Math that you want. Keep Abeka. MFW Rocks!!!

  3. Shannon-
    I just got my singapore math in the mail today The text book is great..more like a story book you could read through! I LOVE IT!!! Primary language lessons seems good to me. Less like what they teach in the classroom. A more creative approach to language arts! The big grammar stuff is covered in the older childrens stuff around 6th grade when they are better able to really grasp it. Listen to the TEaching of his called "what 21st century christians should teach their children" It really explains the grammar stuff.
    As for MFW main stuff, it is so neat! Easy to use. the lessons are lighter, but the kids retain more! There is also more of an opportunity to work ahead and stay ahead like Dvid hazel speaks about. We are a week ahead so far!
    As for teaching them together. i do the MFW Adventures in my fathers world first with all the kids and then during quiet time, I do the Kinder with Trinity, I wasn't planning on buying it, but this age is so rich with developmental milestone, I thought it was worth the extra effort. It only takes an hour to go through. Do not skip her through to where she may not have the chance to experience building on a strong primary foundation. Just find a way to build on what she knows.

    You will love it. And Bridget is right, we can all help each other!

  4. I use MFW as a base..but use a lot of other math and grammar etc. I switch around but always use MFW! I don't think I'll ever give it up. The kids and I both have learned a lot!! I love how the author puts things and her heart is really to have the kids grow in the Lord. I wasn't a big fan of Primary language lessons. It wasn't enough I don't think. This is where you can have fun with it and add in your own. I buy a lot of used curriculm Bob jones etc. Keep it fun and fresh that way the kids don't get burnt out and you don't either! If I see something that catches my eye I do that (like lapbooks or unit studies etc). You don't have to stick to everything MFW suggests.


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