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Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Spirit

Who says homeschoolers can't have school spirit?!!!!
We roar
for the our local Tiger team!
Look at these unsocialized homeschoolers! This was great for me (even though I would not have guessed it would be). It was great for me to see my kids and how social they really are. It just reaffirms to me that my kids can be homeschoolers and be social. Ironically, we are probably more social. We are not that family that just sits there in the bleachers staring at the field. We are constantly talking to others that we all know. Part of that is because I grew up in this town and went to school here. Part of that is that my kids are naturally social and talk easily to others. And the other part of it is that my husband is the very famous Mr. S (Middle School Teacher) in our town. His students scream with glee when they see him! Weird... I told him yesterday, "You do realize how odd that is don't you. Usually, students will run in the other direction when they see their teacher in public!" His students love him and it shows when we are in public.

Sahara is watching all the action. Caden is being a tiger.... Rrrrroooooarrr! As we were running out the door I thougth to paint their faces with little paw prints and such. They got all the special painting like they would at school (without having to sit in a desk all day).

Savannah wanted a tiger face with black nose and whiskers.... Meow! Sierra got little paw prints on her hand and face. She was so proud of her cool paws. Doesn't Cody look proud to be there with all his little munchkins gathered around?! We had a great time and the Tiger team beat the socks off their opponent!!! 53 to 13, I think... I don't really watch too much of the game. I was quite suprised to realize I had a little cousin on the field... Whooo-hoooo!!! I have a big extended family. Seriously, you just don't know much about their lives unless you are "in the know" (translation = gossip circle). I am so not "in the know". Anyway, at half-time I realized it was 9:30 !@!@!@! .... half-time!@!@! Oh my gosh, we got the kids in bed late that night. Speaking of half-time the Tiger group was awesome. My comment was that they must be working those kiddos way to hard this early in the season. I was impressed.
A great night for us unsocialized homeschoolers... (insert giggle)... I want to make shirts that say, "Homeschoolers have team spirit, too!"... but my husband gave me "the look".... maybe we will just get some that do not have the campus names... something with just a tiger and maroon and white. Or whatever.... So, do any of you out there go to any school events and show your spirit?


  1. No, we do not go to any school games or functions. I try to stay far away!!! LOL It looks like you guys had lots of fun. And I remember liking my geography teacher in HS in the same way your talking about your husbands students. He was the one teacher I can honestly say TAUGHT me something that I retained!And if I ran in to him today he would probably be excited to see me and we would probably hug and it would be very sweet. (I went to private school-hugging was allowed)HA
    -Kids at any age know when someone really cares about them, it's just a natural thing they pick up on.

  2. Oh, and no I do not go to school functions. I went to a private school and our biggest sport was lacrosse. Needless to say I never understood the sport. Now a days I cheer for my "home" team. With 5 little ones, almost any activity we do can turn into a sporting event! :)

  3. I don't watch the game.... don't even like football. I don't get all the violence. I just like half-time and excitement in the air.... chit-chat and such. I get a little weirded out by seeing old classmates, though.

    It's kind of like a party without the planning... you just show up!

  4. It is weird because in a sense, it feels like you are the same person and even though you feel the Lord has grown you, it still feels the same. Then when you see a friend from the past you realize how much time has passed!


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