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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Wanted To Say This....

Have YOU Hugged Your Kids Today?
And I am talking to myself here, too! I used to hug my kids all the time, but I have realized that there are days that I find myself wondering if I did hug each of them. Do you ever feel that way? My two littles are always in my arms, but sometimes I am finding that I am not hugging the older ones as much. We have to find that time... make that time...
I used to be able to say that I always hugged and kissed them at night, but now my husband puts the older ones in bed while I rock the babysometimes and I miss out on that goodnight hug and kiss. It is a source of frustration to me because I know that I need it and they need it.
Go HUG your kids!


  1. http://parunak.com/pursuingtitus2/2009/10/21/when-a-strong-will-gets-redeemed/

    Off topic, but as a fellow mother of a strong-willed child, I thought you might benefit from this as much as I just did. I have never, ever thought of parenting my stubborn one from this perspective. How many weary, heartbroken days I might have been spared!

  2. Thanks for this great reminder. My kids are 3 and 1 so I'm holding them all day and by the time my husband gets home I sometimes just let him put them to bed. Then after it's dark and quiet I realize I never kissed them goodnight and feel sad. I miss them. And I wonder if they noticed that I didn't kiss them goodnight. :( I've been making it a point to kiss them goodnight this week even on nights my husband puts them to bed.


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