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Monday, October 26, 2009

Going Somewhere...

Well, it's going to be a short trip, but we ARE going somewhere. Tomorrow we will be heading out to the Texas Renaissance Festival for their School Days. I meant to post this a couple days ago, but I have been sooooooo busy. I was going to see if anyone out there is going to be attending, but by the time you tell me I will be on the road now. ;) Ooops!! Maybe I will see some of you there. Leave me a comment if you attend... just because I would love to know it even after the fact.

So, I am Missing In Action... and I do mean action... it has been crazy here! By the time I post my My Father's World updates I am going to have 3 weeks to post at once. Whew! I don't know how everyone else gets it done!! Seriously, I have been trying to put my computer aside and focus on schooling. If I let myself get on the computer I kind of "check out of reality". My focus has been on trying NOT to do that and I have been tackling some projects.... reorganizing closets, going through all the kids clothing, celebrating a third birthday for Caden, having a yard sale, tackling a filing nightmare, changing our schedule (AGAIN)... not really changing it, but rather juggling it because life gets messy and that schedule thing justs gets all scrambled around. Maybe that will be the way for a while. Some days I like to let the kids wake up when they want and play with each other... you know they are learning to enjoy one another and that is something that is not in our books completely... I just don't want to look back at a rigid schedule and wonder if I could have been more relaxed about it all. On Wednesday it was Caden's birthday and I just let all the kids play together until lunch time. It was so great to see them just buzzing through the house having fun as siblings. I thought of all those children sitting in desks staring at their papers and missing out on this... this is why I started homeschooling... togetherness and loving being together... not just schooling on a rigid schedule.

Anyway.... I am actually going somewhere outside the walls of this house!! Ah--ha--ha--ha!


  1. Shannon STAY HOME- it is raining something awful here!!!!! We live not far from there, It sounds like hurricane winds!!!-Becky


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