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Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Momma

Sierra has always been such a little Momma to Caden, but since Sahara has been born she has switched gears a bit. She has been more concerned with protecting Sahara from Caden and a little bit less of a little Momma to Caden. I guess that just kind of happens with us Momma's sometimes, doesn't it?! ;) Caden will be three on Wednesday and we have been talking about it for weeks now. While he was having his nap today we were looking at the calendar for the upcoming week and a half because it is going to be a bit hectic. I told them I HAD to talk with them about it all because I need full cooperation. Of course, Sierra can't read, so she saw that I had something written on the calendar of Wednesday and thought it was church. When Savannah and I told her it said, "Caden's b-day!" she burst into tears!!! We had no idea what was wrong with her. I asked her and in quite a bit of distress and tears she said, "Caden is going to be three!!" She was horrified. Savannah was trying to sound excited although she was confused, so she was saying, "Yay! Caden is going to be three!" Sierra said, "He's growing up!!"... and he's almost a MAN!!" Awwwww... my little Momma knows how I feel!! Actually, I thing she may be more distraught by it than ME!! :)

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