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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I wish I could say that this post is all about cloth diapering, but I just can't bring myself to make the switch. I few times a week I have to clean the poop out of my little boys' "underwears" and I nearly die! And I know that baby poop is much different, but both of mine that wear diapers are past the sweet little baby poop stage (not that there is anything sweet about it). For the record, Caden wears diapers for sleep times (although he should all the time... arghhhh!).

This post is about disposable diapers. Over the last nine years I have tried them all it seems. For tiny babies I loved Pampers with my oldest two. I would use those and the White Cloud diapers and wipes when I could find them. Then, I discovered Huggies and I have used them for the majority of my diapering days. I am a huge Huggies fan, but something happened with my last little darling that made me think they might not be as perfect as I had previously thought. Sahara has been quite petite and slender compared to my other babies. I did not realize this could be part of the reason we were always having "Poop Talent" issues (out the back of the diaper, the sides, under the diaper ??) I even had a couple of friends suggest that I might need to switch diapers, but I just did not think it could be a diaper issue (ya know.. since Huggies is the Holy Grail of diapers in my mind).... until... I was in a crunch and about to run out of diapers. The best option was to go to a small chain store and they had limited diaper options. I skeptically grabbed a box of Luvs. Now the reason I was skeptical was the tab closures on Luvs diapers. I have to admit that I had tried Luvs several times in the past and loved everything about them, BUT the extremely hard tab closures... so hard that they would leave scratches on my babies legs and that is not something I am willing to sacrifice. It had been awhile since I had used Luvs and I was hoping they had changed the closure tabs. Yippee! The DID!! And I have been using them for both of the babies since then. No more saving the Huggies coupons to get a better bargain on them!... Luvs is cheaper without a coupon! And the great news right now is that you go to the Luvs website and sign up on their network they will send you TWO coupons in the mail for $2.50 off of their diapers. So, that is like $5.oo free for something that you (or me)are already gonna buy! Now... one thing I must say is that I still think Huggies is the best diaper for heavy wetters.... especially those nighttime wetters. BUT Luvs is pretty darn good at that, too! If you haven't tried them recently I highly recommend you giving it a try!
***UPDATE: I got my coupons in the mail today (12/14/09), so that was really quick. However, the coupons are different than I posted above. They are: $2 off Luvs diapers; $.50 off Bounty; $1 off Charmin; $1 off Joy; $1 off Aussie. Not quite what I had in mind, but at least I'll save $2 on diapers. I have kind of given up on the whole couponing thing, but I will use them occasionally if it is worth my trouble. ***

As an note, I have tried all the cheap diapers and store brands and for the most part they are just plain cheap. Some of fine for light wetters, but my kids have never been light wetters. They hold it back until they are ready to release a flood! :0 If my memory serves me correctly, the Target brand diapers a pretty good for a cheap diaper.


  1. I used Luvs when mine were in the diaper stage. I loved them!! They worked great. They even had nighttime ones. And those worked great too. Have fun!

  2. We're near the end but with my twins I started using Costco brand...do you have Costco there? I was always a Pampers fan and I really ended up loving the Costco ones too. Much cheaper but still good quality. We're just using pull ups for sleeping now. It's strange to think we won't be purchasing diapers any more.

  3. Hi, Shannon! I check your blog from time to time... Your babies are too cute! :)

    I too had made the switch to Luvs with my first son. Now, other than the little swaddlers for size 1-2, I'm a Luvs groupie! Love the price! Thanks for the reminder too about the Target GC sale... I need to grab a couple of boxes! :)

  4. Not a Costco here. We have a Sam's, but the diapers they have are not too good. I do find that once the kiddo is getting close to being fully potty trained that it is easier to switch to a cheaper quality diaper and save some money. We have even used cheaper quality during the day and a better quality diaper for overnight.


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