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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wet Wipes

Well, I might as well share my two cents about wet wipes... and no, I do not make my own. Oh the shame I share tonight with all you out there that are going old school in this area. I am so cheap you can't believe it, but diapers and wipes are the best money a Momma can spend! ;)

My favorite wipes are: the store brand at Wal-Mart... I don't even know the brand name! Maybe it's Parent's Choice, but it is the ones in a light blue package and they say, "Real Cloth"on the package. I buy them in a 3-pack bundle. They are the softest and best quality on the market... well, Pampers are good, but I like the price of these better. There are no perfumes or funky baby smells... yes, I said funky! I can't stand that baby product smell. Contrary to what people have come to think, babies were not meant to smell like cheap, powdery, toxic perfume. ;) You know the smell... that Johnson's pink lotion and such... Yeeeeekkkk!

And my least favorite wipes are Huggies... for the life of me I don't understand why a company like Huggies can't make good wipes. They are too thick and seem too just aid in sliding the poop around and I thought the point was to wipe it OFF. The regular Parent's Choice wipes are similar and do the same thing.

One more note: Regarding the good ones... Parent's Choice also has an Organic version and they are just like the ones in the light blue package. I can't tell the difference and I use both. With both you can wash your face with them... no scent, no strange chemical feel, no burning, etc... just feels like water. Target has a comparable version, also in their store brand. They are exactly the same. TRY THEM AND YOU WILLL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BRAND!!

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