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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Laughing At Myself

I'm sitting here thinking about what I want to say here. I have a couple of draft posts that I was working on and those may take longer than I had planned, so my frugal series about Christmas did not make it and the one about vacation is going to be a while in coming, too. The days leading up to Christmas were quite busy for us like everyone else, but more than anything I am trying not to miss the moments that are happening. I can't believe Christmas already came! Can you? It seems like you blink and it is over. I told my husband that somewhere along the way Christmas just seems to happen faster... the years pass faster... you're nineteen years old and then suddenly, you are thirty-seven and where did Christmas go?... as well as, much of life's fleeting moments. The pastor at our old church is always saying, "Life is but a vapor." That is so true. Do you ever feel like you are trying to grab the moments before they slip right through your fingers.... and speaking of fingers I am watching my hands and suddenly in the last few years they look so old! Gracious! And I am getting all those little wrinkles around my eyes and lips... and across my checks! The grays hairs are taking over my head! Seriously, I am just too young for this.... really! ;) Like.... I'm really still just a bit past nineteen, right?! Where did the time go? And ... anyway... back on track... Christmas is past now, yet not. It is still the Christmas season and I am trying to hold onto it a little longer. I always do. I leave the tree up and all the decorations out through the month of January... or until I tire of seeing them. There's no rush to get them down and I really enjoy this time after Christmas when the rushing is over somewhat. We had a great Christmas and I hope you all did, too. I got lots of beautiful cards in the mail although I failed to get mine out. :( I had some technical difficulties with my photo... arghhhhh... sorry to those that may feel cheated. Really, I wanted to send them... even at the last moment, but then some unexpected company came for the evening that I was to work on such things and they stayed the night and through part of the next day. I am thankful for that time with them, but I also had to change some of my plans. And that is the way with life... we have to change the plan many times and be flexible... welcome someone into our home.... take the time to connect to the people that are in front of us at the moment. And so, I just wanted to check in for a moment with you all and see how your Christmas was (leave me a comment) and let you know that I may be on a sort of blogcation somewhat. I have much to do over the next week. I am trying to control some disorder in our schooling area and at the same time grab some time for special family outings while my husband is off work for Christmas break. We are hoping to squeeze in some overnight getaway time, but just don't know where or what we want to do.... craziness... I could vacation everyday of my life, but I also have some matters that are calling my name here, too. Who knows what we will do.... I just don't want the time to pass so quickly! Slooooooooowwwww doooooownnnn! Hope you all finish this year off in a wonderful way and slip into next year with peace in your hearts! I'll blog you next year!!!


  1. I'm glad you had a great Christmas. We took our tree down yesterday. We've had it up so long, I needed it gone. :) But, now everything is back to normal. Well...as normal as we can be. :)

  2. I hope you have a fantastic new year!!! We just got home from a little trip ourselves...I want to get my tree down today and start with a fresh school semester.
    I know how you feel about this getting old stuff. One thing I wnat to do this year is stop focusing so much on my looks and just be real and appreciate the life I have. One good thing that comes with age is wisdom and I would not want ninetten back with that mentality for nothin'!!

  3. Jen.... Haha... what's normal?! Hmmm.... I wouldn't know! That is for certain!

    texassweethearts... I'll second that! I don't want to go back to nineteen, but I do wish I knew some of the things then that I know now. Yikes! Ahhhhwwww, the mistakes we could save ourselves from, if we only knew.

  4. I know what you mean about the time/days just flying by. It does seem like we were just at the first of December and now we are getting ready for a new year.
    We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Have already taken down the decorations just so we can get to work next week in full swing. Trying to enjoy my last few days with my Husband(family) as well. Hope you have a blessed New Year! Catch you in 2010. :o)

  5. I like your blog, I will be back to check it out when I get a moment

  6. Every year I can recall asking Phil..."where did the year go?" Where did Christmas go? I got in the Christmas spirit early this year, and it still seemed to fly by! God is good and I have taken down all the loved Christmas decor and am anticipating a new and fruitful year...wanting to make the most of it, as I am sure it will pass even more quickly than the ones before ;) I hope you have a wonderful day!!


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