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Friday, January 8, 2010


My attitude is dangerous....
Not always that it is bad, but that I just want to "chill".
I want to let the kiddos play and do what kids do best and I want to sit back and watch and "chill" (sit back and do very little).
Confession time! I don't want to do school!
I know that I should want to... I know they have to learn something
... and their little brains need some stimulation, but...
I also love to watch them play.
But it is dangerous....
I know it sets them up to be lazy and unaccomplished.
I know that if I sit around being idle I send the wrong impression to them.
I become the bad example!
Yet, they are only young once...
and I want them to enjoy it, too.
It is such a hard balance to find, but...
we are working on it.
We are trying to get in a groove and I am taking a
"gentle approach"
to getting back into our schooling this week.
Because it is my attitude I am trying to control....
I know that I am not doing enough "schooly" stuff,
but I am not getting overwhelmed and freaking out, either.
If I am freaking out they are learning THAT is the way to handle
life's issues.
So, I am watching my attitude....
so, they will develop a better attitude.
Many times I hear people (even myself) complaining
about their kids bad attitude
and I think that they are what we teach them to be....
Raise your hand if you see your bad attitude in your kids..
MINE is raised! Guilty!! Ughhhh!! That stings!
I am their example of what their attitude should be like.
When I see them grit their teeth,
I know where they learned it.
(..and we will stop with that little detail... hehehehe!)
ALL of my bad attitutudes seem to reveal themselves through my children
They are the seeds I sow....
they are fed with the watering I bring
...and they are tended and cared for by ME!
It's not all pretty to admit, but it is important to admit!!!
Our attitudes will become their attitudes and later...
when we are fussing at them for their bad attitude...
it will be our own bad attitude in reality.
Confused? Ponder it awhile! Read it again.
Watch your children and see who YOU see.
Is it good or is it bad?


  1. I am disgusted with how much of my sin I see reflected particularly in Hannah's sin. You're right, children are such a mirror.

    I just want to stop you in your tracks though. Do not let the public school method or other mom's that are doing school-at-home to pressure you from following what is your maternal instinct. Play and exploration are one of the most important and natural things that your children can be doing at this age (until about 10 or so, but read the individual)! Don't look at it as they are learning to be lazy, look at it as they are learning to not need constant entertainment, stimulation, or direction. They learn so much from play, more than we're told. This morning, while I didn't sit down with arts and crafts as is typical for preschoolers, Lydia (3) "ironed" with me and we chatted. Far from saying throw out the books, I'm simply saying don't throw out the playtime.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I found out about you from Tara's blog. I just clicked on her button and WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!!!!! That is BY FAR the cutest little round baby picture...EVER! = ) Those big brown eyes...and you just want to eat those cheeks off! Just had to share!


  3. Oh Shannon, you are so right. I have really been struggling this week with the attitude and obedience issues and I'm drained. Actually, today is only Monday but today was just so tough. But what I did notice was that I had a horrible attitude and I just know the kids can feel that too. I see myself in my oldest daughter's defiance and it just makes me cringe and feel like a horrible mom. Okay, I'm really going on here. I'm glad you shared this post, so real.


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