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Sunday, January 10, 2010

School Memories Christmas Ornaments

I am just brainstorming here! As I was taking the ornaments off my tree I was looking at a little handpainted ceramic ice skate ornament I made the year Savannah first ice skated. Then, there's the ornament of a pregnant lady and spouse for the year Sierra was in my belly and there are little blue handblown glass booties for the year Caden arrived.... many moments are captured on our tree. It just got me thinking that throughout the year while we make all these school projects how interesting it would be to if we created some of these projects in the form of ornaments... and I am taking about the traditional Christmas ones. Imagine a tiny baby doll decorated as an indian when you study about indians in your schooling. As the years go by of decorating the family Christmas tree each year you will see that little indian doll and remember when you studied the indians with your children. Of course, it would be difficult to do this with every project and I am not sure you want that many ornaments, but maybe it would be a nice thing for some of them. Bringing something back from a field trip that could be added to your ornaments is another great idea. A photo in a frame or a special glass ball that is decorated (painted, collaged, etc.). I am trying so hard this year to think of ways to pre-plan for the next Christmas... like gift buying throughout the year... making gifts that the kids can give to each other or us or the grandparents, etc. I used to do that sort of thing, but as each child has added to the family it is harder to pre-plan anything. LOL!!! Anyway, just wanted to share a crafty idea for a Merry Christmas in 2010 and the years to come!


  1. I like this and I think I will get some of those plastic clear ornaments from hobby lobby and do this!!!

  2. I think this would be an awesome idea. Like you said, you may not be able to do this with everything, but with some of the major points. We also are trying to think of buying gifts through out the year or making them.

  3. HI Shannon, I like this idea too. I was also thinking about what I could do throughout the year to make December a little lighter. Some of the gift ideas I had never made it. There are so many special lessons/topics in MFW that would lend themselves to an ornament. Love it!


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