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Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Thinking: Husbands and Blogging

Hmmm... Sometimes I have random thoughts I want to know about all of YOU out there, but I never thought to ask you. ;) I'm getting smart here!! So, I will ask a question and I want YOUR answers in my comments (pretty please with sugar on top... and sprinkles... and a cherry). So, her goes the first one...

Does your spouse read your blog or back you in blogging?
And then, I will answer, too. My husband backs me up in blogging. He wants me to have that "outlet" since it is my only "outlet", but he does get tired of it sometimes. We just don't have a lot of spare time, so he gets a little jealous of my time and I try to limit my time here because of him... and my kiddos. He does not read my blog. I wish I could get him to because I think he would see more of me. Sometimes I reveal things through writing that he may not see in me. A momma's heart caught up in the moment of day to day living and sometimes it is not obvious that we "think". I have deep thoughts and I pondering bigger things than what setting to use on the dishwasher. You know what I mean... I would love him to see just how much my heart is on Godly things and even though he sees me as so strong, if he read this blog he might see that I am not. Maybe he will one day... and then, maybe I will Facebook with him.... LOL!


  1. My hubby thinks my blogging is dumb. He teases me all the time for it. I asked him a while ago to read my blog and then I let it go.

  2. My husband is an occasional reader (I think he looks more at the photos :) ) But he is very supportive of it. He knows what a blessing blog-reading has been in my life and has seen tons of positive changes in our family over the last year since I first started blogging myself.

  3. At first my husband, was not in favor of me spending time with a blog, reading or my own. Then one morning after he was praying and reading scriptures he told me he felt like I was suppose to blog and be able to read others and that he was to support me in that effort. He does not read my blog all the time, but he does check it and I am constantly telling him something I have read on your blog or others. He just smiles and listen, sometimes he will comment. I do try not to spend a lot of time away from him or the children when getting on the computer. Some day's I get on after they are all in bed, others not at all and sometimes during the day when Makaela is doing seatwork by her self. It just varies from day to day.

  4. Hi Shannon!
    My husband is very supportive of blogging! Partly because of my friendship with Rossie and how that all came about! He does read my blog all the time, but never comments! This is esp. nice for him when he is traveling! He has seen many wonderful blessings from it! But I am very prayerful about what time and how much time I am on. I have a rule to not do it while he is home or the kids are awake!


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