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Saturday, January 16, 2010

MY Grocery List

I have been so inspired by several of you out there to develop a Home Binder. I have a looooonnnng way to go, but I am going to get there. Ironically, I already have a lot of the work done.... I just have it in different spots all over the house and I don't really use it because it is a mess. Okay... so you live and learn...

When I was pregnant with Caden (yes, over three years ago) I hand-wrote detailed cleaning lists for each room of the house. It goes as far as to say to things like wipe the window "ledges" and such. It was great plan, but rarely got looked at as it was hidden out of sight in my laundry area. I also have various meal plans written on calendars and meal planning pages. There are some typed in my computer and some scribbled madly on notebook paper... again, hidden in little spots around the house. I even have a typed list of meal ideas broken down by the main ingredient of everything I knew how to cook at that time (I think it may be older than Savannah!!) and there are even more of those hand jotted on scraps of paper. All were hidden in my laundry area (or on my computer)... WHERE NO ONE COULD SEE THEM... including ME!!! I was trying so hard to keep it all out of sight that I did not even make them easily available to myself!! Well, that is about to change. The most fabulous of these finds is my Grocery Shopping List. I used this one!! It was fabulous, but for some reason I forgot to print out several copies and I think my printer at the time was broke and I stopped using it. It has been over a year, I think, since I used it last. I have some revisions to make because things have changed some (like now I make waffles, not buy them) and I want to set it up by the aisles where I shop, so it will be even more efficient. I want to share this with all of you that are interested, because this little list makes life so much easier. It is hard to forget to buy peanut butter if peanut butter is written there on the page and you have to read it. I just quickly read through my list and check off or write the quantity of that item in the box. I also make note of more specific details like for the "Gogurt/Yogurt" item I might put a 2 in the box and circle "Yogurt" and write "Peach & Vanilla" out beside it. There are blank spaces for things that are not on the list like batteries, etc. or I make notes on the side or back. In theory, if the list matches up with the store then when I go to the store I will have all my little boxes marked and I will whiz up and down the aisles without forgetting a thing!! With this list that COULD HAPPEN!!

You should be able to open the file and modify it. It might have to be saved to your computer and then, opened in Microsoft Excel to make changes. If you are interested and can not get it to work for you let me know and I can email you the document. If all fails, maybe I can help you make changes to fit your home. Hope you find it useful!


  1. Looks really good! You put a lot of work into it I can see- it's much more extensive than mine ;) Instead of having all produce listed out for example, I just have Produce and then write in what I need. I should adjust mine to be more like yours to save that step!

  2. This is an awesome idea. I just love list! I started a home binder(ages ago) as well and it is now on the desk under a mound of papers, books, etc. I guess they really don't work if they are not out. :o)

  3. Wow, you have great ideas! I've never heard the term "home binder" but I've seen people with them. One that I saw had plastic pages with pockets (sort of like a photo album) that the lady used for coupons.

    Binders are great for organizing a number of things. I use one for pages I've pulled from magazines and I use tab dividers in it for various catagories (gardening, birthdays, holidays, etc.). I also have binders for recipes and school, volunteer, & co-op materials.

    Thanks for giving me some ideas on organizing our stuff. I think I'll get a big clear plastic box for the bigger stuff to slide into the bottom of our closet. That was a great tip! And labeling things with index cards is a good idea also. I may even attach a clear pocket to slide the card into.

    You should set up a blog just for organization and be sure to include pictures!!! Thanks again for posting all your ideas!


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