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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I Make You Laugh?...

You know we all need a good laugh sometimes! So, do you ever catch yourself saying something that you just realize you have to share.... even though you might should keep it to yourself. ;o

You know you have kids when you hear yourself say, "If you make booty stew, don't touch the booty stew!" Yeah... Sahara thought it would be interesting make booty stew (poop in her diaper) and then reach in and pull some out! Eeeeeewwwww! She actually thought so, too. She stood there bewildered at the funk on her tiny little fingers and all the other kids starting yelling for help right along with her.

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  1. Shannon! I am learning so many vocabulary words from you!!!!! :)
    I love this!!!!! :)

    I remember a time when we only had one baby. Yes...my Julian was once a baby! Miguel and I could not figure out what the smell in the house was coming from. And then I realized that he had gone to the bathroom and taken it out of his diaper! So I cleaned it up and could not imagine why I still smelled it. Then I thought to smell his mouth.

    YES...my son had eaten some! I was so disgusted...I ran to brush his teeth and then threw his toothbrush away!



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