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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutions COMMITMENT 2010

First of all, I am not big on "New Year's" resolutions. I believe we should always be in a spirit of resolving to become better and set goals for ourselves. Some resolutions need our attention yearly, some need it monthly, some weekly,... daily, ... and some need it from minute too minute. ;) I also have in the past had the attitude that there is no point making resolutions that you are going to break before January is even over. I do suppose it is better to make a resolution and keep it for one month than to never try... hmmmm?.... At any rate, I think it is something that, if you are going to do, you should take careful consideration of each resolution on your list and be completely committed to conquering your goal. With that said, I do not think it is too late to make resolutions or reconsider our list of resolutions. The definition of resolve states that it is "to clear up", "to settle", "to deal with SUCESSFULLY", "to find an answer to", etc.. These are such serious words indicating the seriousness of what a resolution should be about.

Now, I am not trying to take the fun out of it all. If that is what you want, then go the fun route. If you just want to have fun with it and make some "resolutions" just to be silly and laugh when you break them two days later, then that is fine.... if that is your expectation then, ENJOY! I'm not trying to be a Kill Joy. What I see, though is people setting unreachable goals that send them into despair when they do not accomplish the goals. On New Year's Eve almost everyone resolves to lose weight and by January 31st we have millions of people suffering from full blown depression because of their failure to succeed.

First, we should not set ourseleves up for failure! How do you avoid this, you might ask? Carefully consider your level of committment to the goal BEFORE you put it on your resolutions list. Ask yourself if you are truly committed with all your heart to the task at hand. If not, then skip the grief and leave it off the list.

And without further mumbo-jumbo yada-yada-yada I give you my resolution list for 2010:
- To be a better wife; more appreciative; focusing less on the things that "don't happen" and more on the things that do get accomplished; more compassionate; to be the wife I wanted to be with a relationship built on respect for one another
- To be a better momma to these little ones; getting back to the momma I envisioned for my family from the beginning ; get back to more loving them and less "just getting it all done"; to mold them, guide them, and prepare them for THEIR future {Somebody pinch me because Savannah is HALWAY there}
- And to really find our groove for homeschooling... I never deamed it would be so hard! I am a great juggler of tasks, but I have not figured this one out. Every schedule fails... every plan changes... and life happens. And so it must become our way of life for it to all fit together and work. I just have to tweek it more.... but really it is the teamwork part that is missing. So, this resolution is unclear.... it is more about getting my husband on board ...in a pleasant way. He is supportive, but I believe he is uncertain and uncomfortable with his role as the homeschool daddy. So, I guess this one is more about unity in our relationship than anything. We have to find unified ground!

And..... the WISH LIST... lol! These are more the kind of thing I WANT, but not necessarily COMMITTED TO accomplishing. Like, if it was easy and just happened without my hard work I would totally be putting on the resoluitions list:

- Get skinny!! Lose fifteen or more pounds... up to a 25 pound weight loss would be pretty nice (while we are wishing) ;)

- Get everything all caught up!!! Totally organized to the max!

- Master the goal of Cheerful Obedience in our home.... it could happen and I am not mocking it, but I don't expect to "master it".

;) I'll let you know how I'm doing by January 31st! Maybe I will have a time of reflection monthly and post our progress and accomplishments, as well as, setbacks, etc.


  1. Yeah I agree about the minute to minute resolve that would be me!! I think that it is very far and in between that Dads actually do the homeschool thing with the mom I see most moms doing this on their own . I envy the ones who have all the help. But one day I was saying this to a friend and she said, yeah, but that husband didn't build her a house either did he?"(my husband built our entire house) So I guess what I'm saying is, we have to appreicitae the things they do, do!! that would be in the respect catagory.LOL So I think this is a mom thing for the most part. like the scripture says,
    Proverbs 29:15 (New International Version)

    15 The rod of correction imparts wisdom,
    but a child left to himself disgraces his mother.
    funny how they don't mention the Dad here!!!

  2. I resolve to gain 15-25 more pounds this year! Oh wait, maybe I meant that I'm resigned to that fact.

    I haven't been able to put together any tangible resolutions yet this year. The end of 2009 hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm stuck reflecting and contemplating on the Providence and goodness of God working in our lives last year! It's been an emotionally overwhelming week because of it.

    You have some admirable goals... may you be blessed with the diligence required to accomplish them :)


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