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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

He LOVES me!
...and he thinks I'm C~R~A~Z~Y !!!
...yet, he's crazy enough to go with my crazy ideas...
...and just look at the "souvenir" we picked up on vacation
...and No, it's not a motorhome.
It's a bus.... Yeah, that's what I said...
a BUS !!!
.... and the kids are so thrilled to have their very own
"school bus"! (not quite a big yellow dawg, but they think it is).
Tonight we went for a drive and they were counting all the seats!
So funny! It has TWENTY-ONE seats! LOL!!!
So, guess what everyone is asking us???!!!
I bet some of you know... are we planning to have that many kids?!! HA!
... the answer to that one....
(drumroll, please)
NO! and NO WAY ! and triple NO WAY !!! ;) LOL!
I don't think we are quite that c~r~a~z~y, just yet.
Although, just for the record I do ADMIRE those of you who have that goal and working on it.
So, the deal is I have been looking around for a small motorhome, so it would be easier to travel. The thing is that I have done some motorhome travel with my parents in three different motorhomes and it is just not completely my thing. I pretty much like that you can get up and walk around in motorhomes and go to the restroom. I don't like falling into counters and cabinets and hitting my head on cabinet doors and trying to microwave things going down the road ... and I have no interest in dealing with septic systems and such (although I would if necessary). Anywhoo!... I wanted one of these motorhomes that is the size of a large van, but they are all cabinets, bathroom, sink, stove, bed and not enough seating for all of us. We need SEATS!! Not 21 of them, but we need SOME seats and I like the idea of having the flexibility of taking more than just our family. That would just not be an option in one of those mini-motorhomes. In my search I started seeing these buses. I know it is strange, but I also noticed that some of the larger families use them (much larger than I aspire to be... wink-wink). Still I did not like the rows of seats, so I was not sold on that idea either... UNTIL I saw some that have the seating along the perimeters of the bus!!! How perfect!... I mean, in my crazy mind. To me that was the perfect solution. So, in this bus there is a driver seat and in addition to that EIGHT seats along EACH side and FIVE seats along the back. That leaves the rest all open room and that is a space about 4 foot wide and who knows how long! I am c~r~a~z~y ELATED!!!
This means that I do not have to bend over the back of my van seat with a headrest pertruding into my abdomen as we go down the road trying desperately to reach all four children to hand out drinks and snacks while meanwhile my husband hits a pothole or swerves while he is daydreaming in his posh little driver's seat and wondering why on earth I could be screaming in pain as my feet fly in the air and fall into the space between the two front seats!!! Yippppeee! I'll miss that you know! ;)
There is no plan to "convert' this into a sort of motorhome, but one of the great things I like about this bus is that when we are going on long trips we can just grab the mattress off one of the kids beds and put it on the floor in the back! When we are done it can just go back in the house. Another thing I LOVE about it is that there is no carpet in it. That means it will be easy to clean and there will be no worries of staining... and we can just enjoy it worry free. I can't wait to take a vacation!! Whoo-hooo... now I have to start planning.


  1. Shannon! This van is BEAUTIFUL! And you are not crazy!!! Hence the reason we bought our 15 passenger van! We did not need all the seats , but they sure are handy (even though I would not mind having 15 chidlren ;) )
    i always tell my hubby that this is "our next vehicle"! This is very functional!!!!! And I love the idea of no carpet!!!

    Come and pick us up!!! :)

  2. love the word FUNCTIONAL!!! I think most vehicles are made to be comfortable not functional! you are in my worls with the NO carpet stuff....would love this except for parking and you did not tell us how much you got this for, I'm expecting a bargain price!!!

  3. We are loving it! It is funny that you call it "beautiful" Tara! It sure beats a yellow school bus!

    Becky, already tonight Caden spilled a little soda on the floor and my husband was getting worked up about it. I had to repeat to him a couple of times that is okay because it is not carpet. It's not a big deal. Of course, we don't want the kids going crazy and making a huge mess, but if an accident occurs even in the worst case scenario we can hose it down! LOL! And with the parking... well, that is an issue to some degree, but we are going to use it mostly for travel. Mostly, we travel more rural areas and just pass through the cities. You certainly cannot expect to take this thing through a drive thru!... but you can drive in and park and walk in to order while one adult and the kiddos relax in the bus... then, bring the food back for a PICNIC IN THE BUS. Now you can't beat that! Parking garages are NOT going to be an option, but we will work that out when we have to. That will be an issue when we attend a conference. And the final question.... of course, it was a bargain... but I am going to keep you in suspense a bit longer and do a post about that in my Frugal Series. ;)

  4. I can't believe you're going to keep us in suspense! :) I was wondering the same thing. I'm really excited for you. I was laughing out loud at your description of reaching the kids in the back seat. I relate to that one. I've always wanted a motorhome to travel but never thought of a bus. What a great idea. Congratulations :)


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