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Friday, February 12, 2010

Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study, Week 2, Day 1

In class we talked about our previous week briefly. The instructor talked about how special it is to get a handwritten letter in the mail. She went on to say that the Bible is that handwritten letter from God to us. The Bible is His love letter to us!

We then, began the video for the Week 2 portion of the study. The topic is:
The Holy Spirit ~~ When you become a believer the Holy Spirit takes up residence in YOU! ALL of the Holy Spirit is in YOU from that very moment, but... He may not have ALL OF YOU! {Read it, again... it is a play on words, but it is very profound}.

The Holy Spirit will lead us. And, that is not the same as our "conscience talking to us". The author describes the Holy Spirit speaking to us as when it is so profound that you HAVE to do it EVEN IF YOU WOULD NOT NORMALLY DO THAT PARTICULAR THING. In my notes I wrote this: "The Voice of God is when you are told to do something that you would NOT otherwise do on your own." At first, I thought that made no sense... and then, I remembered some things that are perfect examples of that. Just for kicks I will list a few.... don't laugh or gasp to hard.
1.) I never wanted to have children and swore I would never. Then, my heart just changed! Look at me now. And some might say that we changed our mind because it was a "mistake"...not so in our case. EVERY ONE of my children have been very deliberately planned to be concieved. Even the two I lost. Once God put it on my heart I HAD to do it! And I immediately looked into my firstborns face and wanted to do it, again. Thank you God!
2.) Truly embracing motherhood.... You have to know that I was told it was awful all my life, but immediately my desire was to do it and do it well. I had the overwhelming to be perfect at it...which is why I have a hard time when I mess it up. There is no way to be "perfect" at it.
3.) The biggest one and best example.... Homeschool! I started just to be with my kids, but it was after resisting God on the issue for SEVERAL years. Yes, that is right... I did not obey Him even though I heard Him telling me to do it from the beginning. I was convinced that I could NOT do it and that it was crazy. ;) ..and it is a bit crazy, but now I truly believe in it...sold out... with all my heart... with my strongest conviction ever.... My point is that I would have never stayed with it on my own. I would have put my kids back in school already, but God (the Holy Spirit) convicted me of it and as crazy as I think it is some days I HAVE to do it. I have never felt a stronger feeling about anything in my life.

Anyway, on to the study part... let's see what this DAY 1 study is all about.

Deuteronomy 5:2 "And ye said, Behold, the LORD our God hath shewed us his glory and his greatness, and we have heard his voice out of the midst of the fire: we have seen this day that God doth talk with man, and he liveth."

Even though he can speak to us in miraculous ways we should not expect that. We should rely on God's Word from the Bible and what He lays on our hearts. If we are so blessed to get a confirmation through "sensational" means is shall serve to confirm that He is speaking to us, but we should not require to know He has spoken. We must have FAITH in Him even without some miraculous event to confirm His voice to us.

***I am loving this Bible Study! It is great to have a set "curriculum" to study rather than my random choices of study. It is great to follow along with the study guide and read the author's take on it and the Bible verses she points out. I should do this more often.

{Once again, let me state that this should not replace the Bible Study. It is just a brief amount of my notes. I would encourage to do this study, if any of this is on your heart.}


  1. The sweetest voice we hear is the Lord's. And how awesome to think that his ays are not our ways! THEY ARE BETTER!!! When we open up to the "obedience" part, he unfolds the joy and conviction of what he is asking us to do!
    Blessings to you for having a teachable spirit! You will reap great rewards from this!

  2. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    Great Blog Title
    God Bless You, Ron

  3. Shannon, this is the same study going on at our church. I wasn't able to attend but after reading all of your posts I sure wish I could have. I've taken one of her studies before and really enjoyed her teaching. I like your new profile pic :)


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