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Friday, February 26, 2010

Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study - End Post

"End Post" meaning that this will be the ending of my posting about this study. Sorry. I was doing it to keep me accountable, but there are a few reasons I am going to stop. I highly encourage you to do the study. These are my reasons to not post about it:
  1. Even thought I was not sharing the whole study I somehow oddly felt I was "copying" to much of it to share. I would not want anyone to read about it here instead of doing the study. God knows I am not good enough to "replace" the study.
  2. My husband was getting annoyed with me... and he did not say that, but he cut his eyes at me once and that was enough to know. I just do the study much quicker, if I am not blogging about it and since I read at night this means we go to bed sooner.
  3. Lastly, life happens and I just can not blog that much... sick kiddos (and us) need my care and attention.

On another note.... I have some regular bloggy stuff I want to share, so I will just do that. I also, want to do a little catch up on doing some MFW posting for Adventures and K. I just feel that it could bless someone else that is out there to see it. I know I have been very blessed to see what others are doing and how they make it work.

I also want to share some major life stories that are a part of my life. Maybe my kids will wonder one day and they can read it here. Why's daddy a teacher? Why did we choose this house? How do we know God has it all in His plan and how to we hear Him speaking to us about it? Why didn't I want kids sooner? What shaped my views growing up versus what shapes them now? How do you live life and still be frugal? Why did I recently decide there is some value in Facebook? ...And more.... any request out there for what I post on first? Just drop a comment.

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