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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Glimpse At My Day

What is with some days that you just feel unaccomplished. No worries, though... I am calm about it. I am trying to be the calm person that is so hard for my character. I am doing well lately, I think (pat my ownself on the back). It really is that I am not trying to "handle" every situation. I am trying to listen to what God would have me do. I am learning. Today was definitely a test of that. I am not going to say that I handled it all well, but better than usual. I just do not know what was going on with Savannah today... and yesterday, but more so today. No focus... none. She manged to turn an hour and a half of schoolwork into an all day thing. She spent the morning playing and doing some things I thought were worthy of doing... somewhat... so I let her go through most of the morning. Around 11:30 I had her do some Bible study that should have lasted 15 minutes at most. At noon as I was working on lunch she was still not done because she kept wanting to eat the apples, strawberries, etc. that I was preparing for lunch. I kept telling to just focus and we could have lunch as soon as she was done. She would not, so at 12:09 I started feeding the others and told her she could not come to lunch until she completed the study page. Miraculously, she was at the table within a couple of minutes. Completely focused and got it done in mere minutes after wasting over 30 minutes loofing about and driving me crazy. !!! That is just one example of the day....

After lunch I decided to do school outside. I know there are a lot of distractions outside, but my thinking is that my two little ones would be easier to occupy. That turned out to be partly true, but I sensed Caden was wanting a playmate. Sahara was clinging to me and sleepy, so she was not the entertainment for him that I thought she would be. He was fine, but used to having the older girls to run around with him. Savannah started with her math, but was so unfocused. She kept watching me and Sierra and listening to everything we were doing. Frustrating because I HAVE to speak to Sierra to teach her. It's not like we can be quiet completely. An hour later Savannah is still doing her math. !!! It should take no more than 30 minutes to do. She moved quicker through Spelling and her activity, then took F~O~R~E~V~E~R on her handwriting which correlates with Spelling. I finally had to change the assignment! Then, her daddy got home and I tend to lose her even more when he is home. I told them both that she would be having schooling the rest of the evening. And for the most part we did, except life happens and we have to have dinner. We had a special project for her to work on that, of course, the printer ran out of ink in the middle of. My teacher husband took her to his school to print there... had to go black and white. !!! Let's just say that Mexico is too colorful of a country to be printing out in black and white! You have to go with what you have got, though. They ran to the store to attempt to find a Mexican snack of some sort to provide for her co-op project. They did... it was not quite what I had in mind, though. Time was not on my side here, so it is what it is and it will have to do. So, the evening carries on and finally the kids get in bed by 10:PM... PM!!!! 10!!! TEN!!!! OH my GOSH!!! That is going to make tomorrow a bit harder... We have Co-op... I forgot nursery snacks... I need to pull off something more for Mexican snacks and things... We will need to be prepared for lunch at the park afterwards... looks like pizza pick-up.... and we are having a meeting while at the park... uh... who can watch four kids with a park that has a pond and participate in a "meeting"???????!! I want to say I am looking forward to tomorrow, but today was .... frustrating. And this is just a glimpse. I am leaving out some substantial drama... a foot injury for Sierra... some potty training failures for Caden... some messes in abundance for Sahara.... an incredibly WINDY outdoor school time with papers being chased across the deck... Caden doing his "art" and losing his stickers through the deckboards (after putting some of the stickers all over the deck chairs)... oh, and the earring thing (more drama... don't allow ear piercings!!! Such a pain!)... All in all it was a BEAUTIFUL, GOOD DAY... really....just now I am reflecting and looking back at all the things that feel through the cracks today... Whew!

On the upside.... Sierra is learning so much and amazingly I am the one teaching her!!! That is exciting. I must admit we are not doing a lot of crafty things, but we are driving the learning home in other ways. She wants to paint everyday and I want to let her, but I just can not bring myself to deal with paint times four. Thank God for Summer and waterhoses. They can paint when I can spray them down with a waterhose! I want to be more fun... really, I do... I try to use construction paper and markers... other ways to have some fun. I am really starting to figure out how to get all her schooling done. I know Kinder is not a lot, but we have a lot of distraction and Savannah is usually interrupting or I am having to redirect her back to her schooling. And yes, I have tried doing it all seperate and having Savannah also do Sierra's K work with her. We still pause Savannah's independent work, so she can participate in a lot of Sierra's K lessons. Everyday is a learning process for me, too.

And Caden... wow he is so cute. He makes the cutest animal sounds I think I have ever heard. He can really neigh like a horse! We are all impressed. He showed Cody today and it was quite impressive. Cody got a huge grin on his face over that one. And Sahara... our little "Goo-Goo" wants to be a student already. That girl is on a daily mission to get the markers! Sometimes she just writes and scribbles on and appropriate page... other times you turn around and her body is covered in marker... that seems to happen on Wednesday nights lately... just before we leave for church... and amazingly, Caden gets involved and it is like a marker bomb went off on their whole bodies. Seriously, last week they used the blue marker and after we quickly tried wiping it away they looked like they had bruises all over their bodies. Yikes! Not a lot we want to go for at church. Yesterday, their color of choice was green.... At least, that one did not look like bruises. ;)

Okay, now I have unwound enough to get some rest... off to bed! [This is the part where the baby will wake up wanting me... Hahaha....!!!!.. usually... maybe not tonight...please God let her sleep.] Goodnight all!


  1. what a beautiful blog! i will be blog stalking now.

    thank you for your kind, inspirational words over @ my blog. i appreciate them so very much. we have to get together sometime.

  2. Shannon, this sounds like some of my days as well. One of mine struggles with the focus thing as well and I just have to breathe and stay calm. When the littlest ones are playing she just wants to play with them so she gets distracted. "Focus" I say but it never works. Then I feel like mean-mommy. This all has to be totally normal in the life of a homeschool family. Don't you think? I love how you said that you're trying to not handle it all yourself and listen to what God would have you do. I need to do the same. You're doing a wonderful job Shannon :)


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