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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Fever!

I thought I would share a little run-down of our Spring Break with you! Cody arrived home from work on Friday and we were so ready for Spring Break. We were excited at the prospect and had a plan to go camping at some point, but no definite plans for our NINE DAYS. Yipppeeee! As a last minute thing, Cody and Savannah were asked to take part in some preparations for our church VBS program on Monday through Wednesday. We had checked the weather forecast and it showed rain, so it all sounded like a it would be a great plan to do our usual weekend thing (Saturday hang out at home, Sunday church & maybe visit friends), then spend the first part of the week preparing for a simple camping trip to be taken at the end of the week. This would allow Cody and Savannah to do their VBS things.

Here's how it has played out so far...... Friday we just hung out around here and even had some movie time while I started doing laundry catch-up. Saturday was pretty much the same with some organization projects thrown in and a grocery trip to Wal-Mart. Sunday we got up and went to church, then came home. Cody had the itch to do some visiting with friends, so he called his sister... no go. I called a friend... no go. We decided that hanging out at home would be fine aand it is a good thing we did.... sometime that afternoon we realized Sierra was quite warm and this is where it all began....

Sunday = Sierra fever
Monday = Sierra fever, Cody & Savannah at church some
Tuesday = Sierra fever, Cody & Savannah at church some
Wednesday = Sierra fever, Cody & Savannah at church some
Thursday = Sierra's fever SEEMED better & since cabin fever was hitting us all hard we decided to venture out two blocks to the theater for a movie. For the record I did think this was a bad idea, but I caved under pressure. Came back home. Noticed Sierra was really hot. Checked her temp = 103.2 . Touch a couple other foreheads and thought they seemed warm, too. Caden's temp = 102.6; Sahara's temp = 102.6 ; check Savannah "just in case" = 100.4 !!! Yep! We have Spring Fever at our house.... only I don't think this is what that phrase usually implies! ;)
Note: I am leaving out all the details of the nighttime duties involved with Sierra's fever this week. ;)
Friday - Sunday = So, guess what our plans are now? Na-da, nothing, zilche.... just taking care of my feverish bunch. I was so excited that Cody would get to go to a co-op session for Friday... not now! Okay, so God is teaching me something here. I know He is. I'm listening God... You have my attention.

Really.... my family has battled illness since we began homeschooling. I thought this would not be a problem once we switched to homeschooling, but I was so wrong. Actually, I came to the realization about a month back that God is "growing me".... I think God is letting us experience this to show me a valuable lesson (and, of course, not to just torture me). I can just kind of hear him asking me, "Okay, Shannon when all is well and perfect can you do this? What if there are hard times? Do YOU have a plan? Or do you want to follow MY plan? Oh yeah, YOU have a new schedule and plan for what YOU think YOU WANT to do? Okay, what if the two babies are sick and screaming while you try to follow YOUR plan? What if one of the older ones is sick and throwing up... Can you do it? Is YOUR plan working for you?...etc." I really think God is trying to teach me and in a major cram session, I might add. I am listening and I am learning so much, but unfortunately I do not learn as quickly as some might. ;) I learn to follow HIS plan and within a few days I am back to MY plan... never mind the fact that MINE does not work out. I guess, it is just familiar territory and His plan is new territory for me. I do not intentionally ditch HIS plan. I even like HIS plans better. I am learning... ever so slowly... and He is speaking to me... I've got to do more than listen, though. I have to be obedient and trust in HIS plan.

And by the way, the Bible study I have been attending is really tying in with this perfectly! Amazing how God puts us where we need to be! Thank you God for being patient with me.

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  1. So sorry your family is not feeling well. We will pray for you all and hope all is well at your house soon.


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