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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THSC Conference

We are getting packed up for the THSC State Convention and Family Conference. We just got in and haven't even finished all the unpacking! Wow! This is pretty crazy. I think it would have been easier to go straight from our other vacation to the Conference, but my husband wanted to travel via our family van. We had a great trip with our bus, but we have spent the last five weeks in it and everyone is ready to travel in the van. The funny thing is after we get on the road they are going to remember how tightly we all have to be in the family van and they may be wishing we were back in the freshly cleaned up bus! Ha!

We are really looking forward to conference. My two older kids are ready to be spies on a mission for God and my two little ones are ready to crawl all over us while we are attempting to listen to the workshop speakers. You just never know what it will turn out like when you take your little ones. I have to get them a little activity pack prepared before we go. At the conference we usually split up and my husband takes one and I take the other. It is yet to be determined who will take which one. Last year I took Sahara, since I had to do her nursings. This year she may tag with Daddy and switch it up a bit. She is quite a handful, though.... I might take her to avoid Daddy having an anxiety attack! ;) I am also especially looking forward to seeing the Saturday night program with The Redhead Express. I know my whole family will enjoy that I think it will be quite inspiring for my older two who are interested in learning to play fiddle.

Anyway, I better get off here and pack. If we left right now we would only have nightclothes and underwear for the kids. That is just not gonna work! Let me know if YOU are going to the conference, also.

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  1. Welcome Home! I was wondering if you were going to the Conference this year...so wanted to meet you in person. Our family will be there so hopefully we can meet up somewhere in the crowd. Can't wait to hear all about your summer trip, sounds like fun.


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