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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hmmmm.... What Am I Forgetting?

Well, the packing is done and we will head out tomorrow morning to the THSC Conference. We are packing SUPER light for this trip and it has me thinking, "What am I forgetting?" Seriously, I have:
  • one small suitcase with all the kids nightclothes & underwear/diapers (I like having all the bedtime routine stuff together
  • one small plastic tote with all the personal hygeine items for us all
  • one small suitcase with Sahara & Caden's clothing.... five outfits each
  • one small suitcase with Sierra & Savannah's clothing ... five outfits each
  • a duffle bag style suitcase for me... I like the big pockets in each end & side for seperating personal items... like make-up (argghhhh)
  • another duffle bage style suitcase for my husband
  • one computer case with my laptop & the mini laptop inside... yes, both will be stuffed in the single size laptop bage ;)
  • one battery/electricity operated cooler..... because we got tired of buying ice & throwing away food on our five week vacation.
  • a couple of very small beach totes for our waterpark venture
  • A mesh tote bag with all our swimsuits
  • Two small individual baby backpacks for the two little ones.... includes daily supply of diapers/undies, emergency clothes for Caden, tiny toys, Fun Pad & crayons. I will also be adding Dum-Dum suckers & Smarties, as well, as raisins, etc. for moments of desperation to quiet them if necessary. ;)
  • The stroller.... is still up for debate whether to bring it. I am leaning toward doing it. I think it will be a bad move if we do not. Hmmmm...
  • Okay, I think I need to add my purse.... and a box of "stuff" for my older two kiddos (books, coloring, small toys, etc.).... and some food is on board.

Okay.... okay. I am off to bed. That helps to clear my mind. And there is always a Wal-Mart/etc. right around the corner, right?!

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