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Monday, August 16, 2010

Breastfeeding Cover FREEBIE

Before today I had never heard of this company, but it is the same kind of thing as Hooter Hiders...
They sell the breastfeeding coverups that are so popular now.
Anyway, I saw this local informational post saying that you could get one free, so I went to the website to chek it out. I was skeptical, but to my surprise it is absolutely free. You do have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling, which is a bit high. Still you can't beat it if this is the kind of thing you would use or give as a gift to an expecting friend.
The original cost of the Udder Covers are $29.95, so if you had to pay that plus shipping you would normally pay $39.90 ! With this savings code you can get it for just $9.95 !
CODE: cranberry2
I have no idea how long this code is good for, so you might want to hurry. Also, all of the color choices say they are on backorder until September 15th, but that is not big deal to get a bargain, right?! Anything good is worth waiting for!

1 comment:

  1. I love mine. I also got mine with a freebie code 4 months ago. (I wonder how often they do this.)
    I have two older girls that I tried to breastfeed in public and they wouldn't leave the blanket on. This coverup is such a blessing. I am nursing my little Hannah discreetly and calmly, no stress with trying to keep the blanket on. I have used a different cover up (I had left mine home and a friend let me use her's) and was not nearly as impressed, it was flimsier and smaller. I love the way the neck on this one is stiff and stands out away from my body. Though I don't think it was worth the full price, I do believe it is worth the $9.95.


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