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Monday, August 16, 2010

What Do You Need For The Fifth Child?

.... Just the fifth child!

Really, I had a dear friend who has five of her own an one on the way ask me this recently. Of course, there are always things that you want to change or do differently or just get new. For the most part this baby could be born and male or female we would have everything we have to have. That is a great feeling! Nothing to do but prepare a closet space and wash all the things, clean the carseat, bring out the tiny baby things that are stored away.... there is some work to do, but nothing we HAVE to buy. Well, maybe diapers.... ;)

As I sit here unable to sleep since 2:35 this morning I thought I would tell everyone my thoughts on what I MIGHT do different this time and some of the things I have already done:
  • First and foremost, I want to simplify. The month before I got pregnant I actually made the decision to get rid of some things that I would not want whether we had more children or not. We got rid of a lot of toys just for the sake of decluttering. I want to continue to do this once a season, I think. I also got rid of the Jumparoo, exersaucer, walker, and baby swing. I do plan to buy a newer baby swing, but plan to find one secondhand. I don't think I really need the clutter of all those big toys, though. They really make me crazy. I could possibly get a simple exersaucer, but I am going to give serious thought to doing without it for the sake of less clutter.
  • With my second child I had a vintage changing table and loved it. For some reason I got rid of it. I am thinking about buying a white changing table... secondhand, also. I have a plastic organization center I have had since my first child and I think a changing table would be more useful and much nicer.
  • As far as clothing goes I have kept the nicest of the girl things and all of my boy stuff was loaned to my cousin who has them boxed up at her house. Either way, we have most all we will need. I will probably buy new onesies, etc.. And we always like to make some new baby things.
  • I might consider using some cloth diapers this time. I am a big SKEPTIC of the simplicity of these, but I am trying to be openminded. One of my friends had some given to her and decided it was to good a blessing not to attempt to use and was surprised to find she likes them. I am thinking I might, too.
  • Sometime today I am supposed to be contacted about a hospital grade doppler heart monitor that I am buying secondhand. I have wanted one for a few years after the loss of my third pregnancy at 20 weeks. Heck, with all these kids it would have been a great investment a few kids back. I think it is a $600 doppler and I am paying $250. And I can use it on my friends, also. ;)
  • I am taking chewable vitamins for me this round after reading the Duggar's book.
  • I MIGHT considering using a My Brestfriend for holding while nursing and walking around.
  • I will making or purchasing a Moby Wrap.
  • Blankets.... have a TON. Blankets are the number one gift people give and after four kids even getting rid of some of the blankets I still have and overabundance. I will probably make or buy one or two new ones just because. As for all other linens... overabundance, as well.
  • Mostly, it will be about closet preparation and washing everything that I have. I am going to wait until probably the sixth month to do the washing, so it will be fresh.
  • I will not be using baby shampoo or baby soap. I have long since found mild soaps that I prefer to the toxic baby stuff. I no longer use baby powder due to the health dangers. In exteme need I now use corn starch straight from the condiments aisle of the grocery store. I use the mildest lotions (or Arbonne) or pure coconut oil now for my babies. And yes, it is the same coconut oil I cook with. Diaper rash ointments used to be something I slathered on. Desitin was my first choice, but mostly I use vaseline now. I have read recently of the dangers of petroleum based products, so I am looking for an alternative and I am thinking that pure lanolin like the stuff I use for breastfeeding will be my new "ointment".

Mostly, we just need the baby~~~!!!

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  1. You have been busy! Wow! Again congratulations. Enjoyed all of your posts today. :o)


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