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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Funny Things They Have Said Lately.... Mostly Caden

Caden: Momma, can you get me something to drink?
Me: Do you want some lemonade?
Caden: Yeah! Lemon-lade is good!

Me: Caden, what are those things flying in the sky?
Caden: A-planes and Hopper-coppers.

On vacation this Summer everytime Cody would walk away Sahara would start calling after him.
Sahara (Goo-Goo): Daddy, I hudge you! (Daddy, I love you!)

Savannah: Meeting! Meeting! We're having a little kids meeting. Mariah and Anaiah are coming over. Daddy told me the secret!
Me: (from around the corner as I hear it all) Hmmm... Daddy told you the secret, huh?!!!
[Daddy has a worse time keeping secrets than the kids do at this house. ;) ]

Caden wanted to swing on the big kid swing rather than the toddler swing and asked me to help him on. Surprisingly, they grow so fast that he really is old enough for it much to his surprise. As he was swinging his feet were little dragging in the grass below and with a very surprised look on his face he said, "Wow! How did that happen?!"
I said, "You grew!"
Caden, "How did that happen?!"
Me, "You grew! I bet you can even get on it all by yourself, if you try."
Caden hopped off the swing and attempted to get back on unassisted. Success! His face was glowing with excitement and surprise as he said, "I did it!"
Me, "You are really a big boy now!"

Caden had been told to go upstairs to get something and he started up the stairs, but came running back saying, "I'm scared!"
Sierra said, "Don't be scared. God is with you and He created you. He is this great big Creator! I'll go with you."

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