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Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning Sicknes Is SO GROSS !

.... But I am glad it is NOT me!! I am starting to think that Caden is having morning sickness for me! Yes, my three year old! I know it seems crazy, but when we were on vacation around the time that morning sickness normally starts (approximately 4 weeks gestation) Caden started having an extremely sensitive gag reflex. It was quite funny to laugh about! Here was this little three year old boy that would smell something foul smelling along with the rest of us, yet he would begin gagging over it while we all watched in horror at the possibility of him puking. Today he ate his lunch... watermelon... a half P, B, & J... and one apple wedge. He asked me for another apple, so I cut it up for him and called him back to the table. He walked up with a scrunched up nose and said, "Ugh! What's that awful smell?!" Then, he started gagging as I laughed, but tried to calm him. Then, he puked up ALL his lunch to my horror! GROSS! So, what do you you think?????? Can a three year old take on Momma's morning sickness? I have had NONE!!!! NONE!!!


  1. Lucky you! I've had 24 hours a day morning sickness for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. Finally it's tapering off. My hubby had a few "sympathy" days, but it turned out to be a flu bug, lol. Blessings on your new little one as he/she is being knit together.

  2. Hey Friend! I missed you at co-op Friday! Hope everyone is feeling well.

    Hey, I linked to you in a friendly game of tag. Don't feel pressured to participate, but it would be fun to read your answers if you're up to it. Go to my blog for more info. :)


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