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Monday, August 2, 2010

Stuffing Six Into A Hotel Room With Two Beds

We are back from the THSC Homeschool and Family Conference and mostly unpacked. Oh yeah... I remembered what I was missing in the packing... and before we left. Yeah! It was a sleeping bag. When you have four kids and two adults to stuff in a room you have to have some extra bedding or two rooms. Since my children are so young there is no way we are opting for the extra room option. Even if we had two adjoining rooms I would not be able to rest with the possibility that one of them could just wonder out of the room. What we do for now is usually create some bedding or use a sleeping bag on the floor for my three year old. But you have to make it feel special! So this time I moved a chair out of the corner and put a sleeping bag folded into fourths in the corner. I then moved the chair back up to it to enclose it in like his own little room and told him he had his own little "man cave". He loved it and thought he had the most special bed in room! I soon realized that his corner bed was beside a nightstand that made it even more cave-like. He truly thought this was the coolest bed ever and would beg to stay in there. After awakening one night and getting in bed with us he soon realized he was not in his "man cave" and cried to go back there where he promptly fell right back to sleep.

Normally, we put Sahara in the bed with us. This time the room had a little bench seat in the foyer of the room. So, we moved our bed over a few inches and slid the bench in like a co-sleeper. We pushed the bed up firmly and used an extra blanket from the hotel room closet for more padding. It made the perfect little bed for her. The first night she crawled off the end and went walking and I awoke in horror to her screaming and looking for us. I retrieved her quickly and cuddled her into our bed and she fell right back to sleep. On the second night I just pulled her into bed with us from the beginning, but to my amazement on the third night she slept in her little bed ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously, you have to know that this is a girl that is quite use to her place cuddled alongside her Momma in bed. She must have been exhausted! Hmmmm.... I guess a day a waterpark, followed by three days at conference, ending with a evening concert will do that to a girl. ;)

Anyway, I just accidentally "published" this unfinished post, so I will quickly rap this up. The older girls (six and nine) shared a bed and me and my husband shared a bed. Of course, part of the time we shared our bed with the kids, but hey... we had some moments with only three or two of us in the bed.


  1. I never share a bed with Hubs when we travel. Even if we have an extra bed. Someone always wants to sleep with Daddy. So, if I'm lucky, I get to sleep alone. lol

  2. So glad we were able to meet in person. We enjoyed visiting with you all and meeting your friends.

  3. HA HA HA!!! Hitting waaayyyy to close to home here! I forgot our sleeping bags too. But I did get a playpen from the hotel for Madeline. And poor Miguel, when he arrived at the conference, I had to make him sleep in one bed with one child, and I in another bed with another child. My belly is just too big now to share a full bed with another adult! ;)
    So we had two little ones on the floor and Madeline in the bed. I think we can get away with one room for a few more years if we bring a sleeping bag or two. :)


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