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Saturday, October 30, 2010


No, this is not some spooky post with a play on words for the sake of Halloween.  I really am THRILLED and I wanted to let my bloggy friends know.  I am so amazed that that you are all still out there reading my lonely little blog on the rare occassion that I post.  I would have thought you would have all given up on me.  It is a great feeling to know that even when there is not a lot being posted that you are all still out there.  I am truly blessed!  And I am still reading your blogs, as well.  These days I do it much more quickly and I leave less comments than I used to.  I have often found myself thinking how far I am from the blogger I used to be.  I use to try to leave a comment on almost every post I read.  Whew!  I just have had to reprioritize my time allowances and now I try to stay off the internet during most of my time with my kids.  And a huge thank you the helpful tips that have been coming my way.... regarding my blog "mess" and regarding midwife/doctor issues. 

And just for fun.....
Here's wishing you your own THRILLS
on this Halloween!
May GOD bless you with lots of REAL THRILLS !!!!

And one more THRILL for those that might have missed it in my other post....
I am THRILLED to share that we are going to have another GIRL!


  1. It is a pleasure being your "bloggy friend" ;)
    Your blog looks great!

  2. You blog does look great and I'm blessed to have some moments of free time to read it, and occassionally comment on it!

    I'm so excited that you will soon have another daughter!

  3. Like the "new" look of your blog. Good news on having another daughter. That is wonderful. The Lord is good!


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