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Sunday, December 12, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is....

Well, I don't actually have anything I want for Christmas, but I thought I would post my kid's requests just for fun.  BECAUSE they are so unique!  I love it.  We don't make a big thing about asking them what they want or what they want Santa to bring.  I can say that was really drilled in Savannah's head when she was really young by the relatives and it made for some greedy past Christmases.  But obviously that sort of thing can be turned around and there is hope that you can get the greedy out of them.  So, without further ado I will start with SAVANNAH'S requests.  She wants chickens!... and a male rat terrier (dog)!  Pretty odd requests I would say.  Over the past few months we have gotten three rabbits and she loves them and has always loved animals.  I guess she thinks chickens would just be fun to have and she talks about us having eggs that we would not have to buy (...I have made this poor child ultra frugal it seems...).  The male rat terrier is because she wants to have puppies by one of our other three female rat terriers.  She is a total animal lover.  She also wants to move to a farm.

Now the others are not nearly as interesting, but I am impressed.  Why?  Because they are so simple.  No big flashy, splashy, high dollar requests.  Just simple things.  And I might mention that we no longer have our Dish Network as of last June, so they are not getting commercials streaming toys at them all day long anymore.  It is quite refreshing!  SIERRA wants any kind of Barbie doll.... maybe two.  She has listed a couple of specific ones, but when asked which one she wanted most she easily narrowed it down to the Barbie Fashion Fairytale Barbie with the light-up wings.  An easy $20 gift and she will be pleased... not bad.

CADEN doesn't even realize he has options and will be happy with any boy thing like a helicopter ("hopper copper"), airplane ("a-plane"), tractor, etc..  Pretty easy.

SAHARA is also clueless that she has options and will be happy with any variety of baby doll.  In fact, I had a $10 doll picked out and she chose a $3 over that one.... and it is like one she already has.  Whatever she wants, I supposed. 

It is going to be easy to satisfy them all and that makes me one happy Momma!  Not because it is all cheap stuff, but because they are easily satisfied.  And, just in case you wonder, they are getting more than they requested and I have all the shopping done for them.  ;)


  1. Shopping for little ones are so much easier than the older ones. DOn't ya think? Chickens are on my list also. But I don't think that's happening. :)

  2. I think it is wonderful that they have such "simple"(not high ticket items) request. Allen Jr. does not really ask for anything. Once in a while he might ask for a ball or something like that. Makaela has asked for several things, but most have been small items, the main gift she asked for was a Snuggie.


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