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Friday, December 17, 2010

Negative Commentors.... GO AWAY!

I would put it mildly, BUT since some recent commentors have been so rude I will just say it....
I have been nice about it, but when you start directing your comments directly to my bloggy friends I will not tolerate it.  This a friendly blog.  I welcome SOME GENUINELY concerned comments, but rudeness will not be tolerated.  I will promptly and happily delete your rude comments.  Encouraging, Godly comments are always welcome on the other hand and I appreciate those that have a genuine concern in my situation.  If you are truly concerned and you are a Christian I ask that you cover my situation in prayer.  Please pray for God's will and the safest possible situtaion for the birth of my baby.  There are those that simply do not understand that my situation could be dangerous no matter what route we go and that is why I want it covered in prayer.  I believe that God will work it all out.  And when He does I will give HIM all the glory.  I will be happy whether He works it out in the form of a vaginal birth or repeat c-section. 

Again, rude comments will be promptly deleted.  Thank you very much and
 GO AWAY !!!

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