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Friday, January 21, 2011

It's All About Me!

Well, not really, but I have been a bit "me focused" lately.  I am absorbed in this pregnancy and the details that must be worked out.  It has been very interesting and everytime I think there is nothing more to plan for I discover that there really is more.  I have been planning for ordering my birth kit and some homeopathic remedy stuff.  Also, I am trying to plan for all the things I need to take with me for the birth, as well as, the unresolved detail of where the birth will actually take place.  So, yesterday I am thinking of all the things to have on hand... some garbage bags for various things, plenty of towels, and the little things like bendy straws.  I realize that I have a pretty good list going and am feeling as if I may have everything on the list when a thought occurs to me, "If I have the bendy straws for drinking during labor, I probably need a cup!"  Oh my gosh!  It seems never ending!  LOL!  Okay, so I decided it might be wise to get a package of disposable cups.  It is the small details like that that drive you nuts when planning for a birth outside of the hospital... and outside of your own home.  I won't have my things or a nurse that I can push a button for.  I will have a labor assistant, but she surely will not have a travelling closet of everything I get a whim for.  So, I must prepare and think it all out... eshaustively.   LOL!  It is pretty funny.  And the most surprising thing I think is that the midwife asked to have a crockpot... really?  Apparently, they like to keep diluted olive oil warmed up in a crockpot of perineal soaks.  Who knew?!  So, now I have to pack up a crock pot of all things.  I was thinking the microwave would do for anything that needed to be warm... and maybe it would... I better add that to my list of things to ask.  See what I mean?!   One thought leads to another thought and before you know it I am stressing over wondering if I have it all.  Of course, I am sure I will never have it all, so I guess I better just chill out. 

Anyway, it is not all about me.... but I seem to have slipped into my own world.  I have to remember to come back to reality sometimes... Call a friend, send and email, post a facebook message, post a blog post, or go outside and try to find some sunshine.  I am still out here everyone!  And I have not forgotten everyone in my life or tried to alienate myself as it may seem.  I just have a lot of little details to work out. 


  1. I think it's to be expected that you'd be busy with living in your own world at this stage of pregnancy! :) Do you like to find out the gender or do you wait for the surprise? I always find out and my sister waits.

  2. A crock pot will come in handy. :o) A friend that has had her last two at home with a midwife (I have been present for both births) they have use the crock pot for the same thing. The also have fruit, snacks, etc for the mother afterwards. If you are allowed that, it is something else to think of. Okay, now that I have added to your list. Lol Still praying for you all and many blessings on your up coming day.


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