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Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Is What An Almost Seven Year Old Looks Like

6 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day old...
Soon to be 7.
Interestingly, all of my kids have looked like carbon copies of one another for the most part, but something about Sierra has always been a tiny bit different.  There is a uniqueness about her that is hard to explain.  She is the easiest of my kids in many ways, yet has a very complex emotional personality.  She is the most helpful, most thoughtful of my kids.  She obviously has the gift of service and is eager to help most of the time.  She is always making us stuff... usually out of paper... cards, crowns, paper toys that little hands destroy as soon as they touch them, etc..  She tries everything with gusto.  She outdoes her older sister on many things and with a 3 year and 3 month age difference it is hard to imagine it is possible.  Poor Savannah gets so frustrated about it.  Savannah learned to ride a bike and Sierra was doing it a few short months later.  Sierra can climb trees better.  Sierra can blow bubbles with her bubblegum.  She gets twice as much schoolwork done (not because she is smarter, but because she is a doer).  Sierra started out very reserved and afraid of many things, but one day she just changed.  She was a shy baby not wanting to be in the spotlight, but you would never know it now.  She wants to be a "rock star" (not really a "rock" star as she does not truly know what that means, but she loves to be the center of attention).  At church she is the one singing out uninhibited.  She is a leader.  She is usually trying to control us all and I tell everyone that she is going to be the President one day.  She is the little Momma around here... and quite often has to get disciplined for it herself.  ;)  She is the one that at the age of two was telling me how to drive the car.  No joke!  When Savannah was in public school we would have to go pick her up and Sierra would always tell me to go (in the stop and go traffic of the pick-up line).. she would say, "You are going to miss your kid!"  I would turn to her and say, "I think I know how to drive." and then, I would realize I was talking to a two year old.  Quite funny indeed.  She is controlling and highly irrational and emotional.  I don't claim to always understand this one, but I do love her.  I worry about her extreme emotions and guiding her on how to manage those emotions.  I think that is a hard area to understand with anyone, but when you are the Momma you feel like you are responsible for teaching them how to handle their emotions... even when you are not so good with yor own. ;)  At any rate we will make it through and I know that one day she is going to be one incredible little lady.  And I think she is so very beautiful. 

I just don't understand how six can look so much older.  I am not one to adorn my children with bows in their hair (a few times a year) or add to their appearance with other things like lipgloss, etc..  I don't fuss daily over vanity and the perfect outfit.  They can pick what thye wear unless we are going somewhere and even then I am not too picky as long as they look "cared for".  I don't even care if they match sometimes.  What I am saying is that I am not about vanity with my children, so it surprises me how they look so "big" and in the little everyday moments how beautiful they look. 


  1. She is absolutely sweet and beautiful both inside and out!

  2. She is beautiful and what a wonderful quality to have - a servant's heart. It sounds like she is very creative....that is great. I love her picture.

  3. What gorgeous kiddos you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I'll most certainly keep up with yours! BTW, I was thinking of naming my next child Sierra if it's a girl ;)

  4. Shes beautiful of course! :) All your kids are!

    Looking at your ticker... less than 7 weeks left! Have you started nesting yet?


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