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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Level 2 Ultrasound Today and "Advanced Maternal Age"

So, today I having a 3D Ultrasound (or whatever... 2D).  I don't want to do it and I originally declined, but my husband wants to "see the baby".  Is it just me, but am I the only one that thinks these things are creepy?  ;)  I find the images disturbing for some reason.  So, maybe it will be different when it is my own baby we are looking at. 

And just for the record there is no "real" reason for the ultrasound.  They want to do it because of my "advanced maternal age".  Simply because they think 38 is old.  Ha!  I get that some women are "old" at 30, but I am not old.  In fact, this has been the easiest of my SEVEN pregnancies!  So, in your face Mr. Medical Whoever that label us women over 35 as "advance maternal age".   Pregnancy is not an illness and I am not a victim of it.  I feel awesome!  Ladies, don't let them convince you that your are old.  And all pregnancies are different.  I have had rough ones and easy ones and I am guessing that my age is not a factor since this one has been the easiest. 


  1. You are 38?!? I had no idea...you don't look a day over 37 ;) Totally kidding :) Girl, you look great!!! I am so glad you are feeling wonderful too. I'll see you and your cuties on Friday.

  2. I just got my ultrasound a week ago (I'm at 21 weeks). Some of the printout images are kinda creepy, but actually getting to see the baby move around in real time was comforting and fascinating. Since this is my first, and since I'm still not feeling well defined kicks (feeling some movement, but hard to tell baby from my body) I'm very glad I had the ultrasound.

  3. Sorry, Shannon, but I think those images are simply amazing!!! I had one when I was pregnant with Millie. I wanted to do it because everything was so new when I was pregnant with Hannah, but with Millie it all seemed so routine...so familiar, and the 3D ultrasound was something special that made that pregnancy unique. Of course, you have the whole vaginal delivery and midwife thing going on, so I guess this pregnancy is already plenty unique, huh?! ;)

    Anyway, I hope it all went well today, and I hope you LOVED those pictures!!! :)

  4. i do't like those sonos either. it looks like the baby is melted into your uterus. I had one with madeline. I told them i did not want to see her face. I saw her little feet and girl parts, but it was really freaky to me too. I prefer the 2D with just the black and white picture. I like to save what they look like for birth! :) Have fun! And you are NOT OLD!!!!!

  5. Lol you're definately not old. :) Dumb how they classify women too old to have babies at a certain age. Age is a number and some women might be fit to birth until they're 50 while some might be physically incapable at 25.

  6. You are not 38!!! I thought you were in your early 30's! You look good girl!

    I say it is all about how you feel. I am 38 and feel like I am in my 20's. And more important...it is how you are in your heart...I believe you can be 80 and still be young at heart.

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