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Friday, January 28, 2011

Level 2 Ultrasound Update in Galveston, TX

Just for the record I want to say that I am glad we did the Level 2 ultrasound.  Some of the images are still kind of strange for me because the bubbly look all over the surface of the baby (looks kind of wart-like), but it is simply amazing.  I actually preferred seeing the portion that was in 4D.  The 3D is the part where it looks kind of bubbly on the surface.  The detail in all of it is simply amazing!  I will have to see if I can scan the images to show here.  I have a new scanner in my printer, but am clueless about it.  I will say this though... there are no surprises as far as the baby's looks.  She looks like all my other kiddos.  Her lips look just like Caden's.  All my children have the same lips for the most part, but Caden's are ultra fluffy.  This baby's lips look ultra fluffy, too.  Same little nose and ... well, everything.  We got to see little wisps of hair floating around her head, too.  Interestly, she had the umbilical cord tucked under her chin, which kind of scared my husband.  The ultrasound technician pointed out that it is very common to have a cord around the neck and that it is no big deal, but this baby's cord was simply coming up from her tummy across her shoulder and under her neck.  So glad she was able to tell Cody that and put his worried mind to ease. 

We got great news about the placenta.  It has moved up away from the c-section scar.  And not just a little.... like WAY up.... like 6-7 inches up!!  And the reason that is such good news is that we can rest assured the the placenta is not connected to any uterine scar tissue and it is safely out of the way for a vaginal birth.  It was a double whammy in the joy category. 

I have a lot of amniotic fluid .. like 24 percent, so I am going to double check with the "medical midwife" that is handling my case to make sure my bloodwork showed no sugar problems.  They just referred to the amniotic fluid level as being "borderline" on the high side and sometimes that is seen in sugar level problems.  I really do not thing that it is an issue, but will make sure we watch that. 

Also, this little one is already estimated to weigh 5 pounds 5 ounces with 7 more weeks of growing to do.  No surprise that she is bound to be a big girl.  I expect she will be in the 8-9 pound range like my others.  I was pondering the thought of her weight and thinking about how many babies are born and this one's current size.  Amazing to me.  I would like to have a small baby, but I am quite thankful that mine or very healthy babies and that this little one seems to be also.  That is the most important thing of all.  They checked her heart since her brother was born with holes in his heart (that later closed) because that is a genetic trait.  All looked great there. 

It was an exciting fun time for us and the kids to see the baby!  Afterwards, we took them to eat pizza and shopping at the Dollar Tree.  Love that we can let them pick out anything in there and still get out cheap... especially, since we went to The Rainforest Cafe after that to ride their jungle ride.  That is getting to be an expensive little "treat".  I was shocked when the man told me it was $32.  And that was with Sahara being free to ride.  $5 a ticket adds up quick when you multipy it times five.  ;)  And there will be a day when it will be times 7!  Yikes.... nevermind... let's not think about that.  LOL!  Then, we took them down to the beach and let them run around for about 30 minutes or so.  It was warm and sunshiney, but still kind of nippy with the gusty wind from the Gulf.  We left Galveston via the ferry and we all enjoyed seeing the dolphins.  We saw dolphins on the way there and on the way back.  Very exciting! 


  1. I am so glad everything looks great! She must be a cutie! Cannot wait to hear her name ! Are you going to do another "S" name to match your other girls?

  2. Fluffy lips...never thought about it that way. LOL! Yesterday I was helping out in Caden's preschool co-op class. I asked him if he was excited about the baby. He said, "She's another girl" and quickly climbed under the table. I said, "Well, that makes you a pretty special boy then doesn't it?" He said, "No", he said with a sly smile, "it makes me the rotten boy." I couldn't help but laugh. He was just full of the funnies yesterday. No incriminating stuff (so you are safe...LOL), but he made me laugh several times yesterday :)

  3. Very interesting, how medical technology has improved. When I was expecting Makaela (11 years ago), I had the opportunity to have a 3D ultrasound done at my Dr.'s office. The company was showing it to my Dr. in hopes he would buy one. So glad everything was good. I think it is neat your having another girl. Can't wait to see her pictures.


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