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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Four Weeks Until Due Date

I can hardly believe how fast the time is passing.  I only have four weeks until my due date.  And I don't feel like my belly can stand to be any larger.  With this pregnancy I have felt like I am riding a roller coaster.  At any moment I feel like my stomach is going to flip and it is very strange.  She is a wiggler, but not anymore than the others.  I am in awe of why it feels like she is rearranging all my insides.  Maybe I have just forgotten the feeling, but I really do not think so.  And as much as she moves I really have not seen the large body parts like and arm or a leg move across my tummy.  They do... but I mean when you clearly know that is an arm you are seeing.  Her head is pressing down in my pelvis a lot and I really think I am carrying her lower than I have with my other four babies.  They were always high.  For some reason she seems to favor the right side of my pelvis.  On the last ultrasound she had her arm up by her head and it keeps me wondering if she still has it up.  I so hope she does not or that she will put it down before she attempts her exit.   So, these are my thoughts... and I wanted to capture them here, so I can look back on it later. 


  1. what a blessing!!! I am excited to "meet" her!!! you better come to the homeschool convention!!!!

  2. Oh the joys and aches of carrying a baby! I look forward to seeing your new little girl! These next few weeks will fly by...savor them...you never know when it will be your last pregnancy...



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