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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Birth Surprises!

Yes, more birth surprises and they are not about me.... but I do only have THREE WEEKS UNTIL MY DUE DATE!!! .... Okay, back to what my real topic is, though.  Two and half weeks ago we came home from church to find a surprise of baby bunnies from our rabbit, Mary (or that is her most recent name).  We immediately removed the male (Peter) and placed him in with our other female (Patches).  We knew when we did this we would likely have more baby bunnies in 30 days, but we were so wrong.  Fifteen days passed and we noticed Patches was making a nest with her fur... and lying inside the nest and breathing rapidly.  As we played with our recent litter of two week old bunnies I asked my older girls if they had ever seen Patches behave like she was behaving.  They said they had not.  We left Patches alone and went in the house for a while.  When we came out the nesting box was filled with fur.  Let me just tell you that if they do this you probably already have baby bunnies... and we did.  This was Monday afternoon by the way.  I reached in the nesting box and could feel the body heat and tiny little bumps that were bodies.  Immediately, we once again removed Peter.  As both our rabbit cages are now occupied by mothering rabbits Peter is temporarily in a portable dog kennel and looking very lonely, but never fear we plan to solve that problem this weekend. 

So, this morning we checked on the rabbits and I was very curious as to how many new baby bunnies Patches had.  Mary's six seemed like a lot to me, so when I reached in and started counting it went something like this...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Hmm... she might have as many as Mary....

6.... She does have as many as mary and I still feel more!

7, 8,... Still I feel more... wow!

9.... No way!  And I am still feeling more!

10 !!!!!!...... Nope, that's not all!!!!

11..... Hmmm... Getting closer...

Well, just how high do you want to go?!! A DOZEN!!! Patches must have been listening the day my husband said, "Time to make the donuts!"..., And thought he said, "Time to make the bunnies!"  A DOZEN BABY BUNNIES!   So, I think we better get on that cage project!  These little guys grow fast.  We went from THREE rabbits to TWENTY-ONE rabbits in a matter of two weeks.  And I am soooo glad I am not a rabbit... twelve at a time would be way too much... even six would be way too much.  ;)


  1. Holy Crow!!! What are you go gonna do with all those babies??

  2. WOW. Just wow. They don't say "multiplying like rabbits" for nothing...


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