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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Boring Life

Please keep in mind this post is intended to be comical...to some degree.  ;)

I was just thinking yesterday that I would really like for life to be a little more on the boring side.  Lately, it has just been a little too exciting around here.  Now, of course, some of the exciting things like our precious little baby girl have been wonderful.  Other things have been a little exasperating.  In the first five weeks of that little baby girl's life we had three viruses run through this house and I got all of them, also.  As if it was not difficult enough to heal from a c-section... and the infection I had at the incision site... and the anemia that I developed.  And there are those moments like when I was in the hospital and my husband tells me he is going out of town in three weeks for the whole weekend.... and it so happens that that is when one of the viruses hit our home.  The night before he left Sahara was throwing up all night.  I was planning to do as little as possible and had set a very low expectation as not to become overwhelmed.  I was just going to do the basics and leave all the major chores until after the weekend, but all that throwing up left me with several loads of laundry that just would not wait.  Then, there were the twenty plus baby rabbits that had to be sold.  As we are trying to form a routine with the new baby and continuing schooling the phone was constantly ringing and people coming over to buy rabbits.  Oh it was pretty exciting!  It was fun, though!  And my older two girls really handled the rabbit sales and did a great job caring for the rabbits.  And they learned a lot about money management and commerce. 

Well, I could go on..... and on... and on.  I'll just end with a couple more, though.  Three mornings ago I was lying in bed and heard Caden crying out.  I thought he was having a bad dream and I did not run to him right away.  Within moments Sahara began screaming.  By this time they were both screaming and came running into my bedroom.... Caden was covered in blood!  A nosebleed.... a really bad nosebleed!  Imagine he wakes up bleeding and starts screaming, which awakens Sahara.  That poor baby awakened to the sight of her brother screaming and covered in blood.  It is quite funny looking back, but at the time we were all horrified.... and it made for another load of laundry, also! 

Yesterday, we had a busy day taking Sienna to the doctor and we had a homeschool co-op field trip to Gator Country (popular for the Gator 911 TV show).  We had a great time and returned home.  Savannah ran out to the back of our house to the rabbits and chickens.  She came running in the house very quickly with blood pouring from her foot!  She said she stepped on a stick and sure enough she held out her sandal and there was a stick still stuck up through the bottom!  That stick had punctured right into her foot.  Ouch!  It was in that moment that I looked at them all and thought, "I am ready for some boredom!"  After bandaging her up and cleaning up the blood, she hobbled around on crutches the rest of the day.  I am hoping she can get around today without those today. 

And that doctor's appointment for Sienna was to check some knots that I found on the back of her head.  I thought they were some sort of cysts.  We have been very concerned about those over the last week or so.  I am very happy to say that the doctor said they were just swollen lymph nodes.  I had no idea that there were lymph in the back of the head.  Even after having five children it seems there is always much more to learn.  And I am thankful for all my "reasons" to not have a boring life!  It would be nice if there was a little less bleeding around here, though...


  1. Beautiful new banner!

    I can't claim any scientific evidence for this, but since I've been pregnant, I've been forcing myself to drink a tall glass of Orange juice everyday (or two juice boxes if I'm on the go). The only time I've gotten sick was when I went to visit a friend in Florida... I couldn't get ahold of oj that week, plus had two plane rides to cope with. Of course I've also been trying to stay away from sick people, which is obviously a luxury a mother of small children does NOT have. Still, makig sure to extra vitamin C every day can't hurt... right?

    Not that that helps with the kids, but its bound to be easier to deal with their illness and injuries if you can stay healthy! Anyway, good luck.

  2. Wow! I bet you are ready for a "boring" day here and there ;)


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