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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birth Posting, Sienna 4 months, Job Changes, & A New School Year.... Oh My!!!

So, my blogging in pretty sad these days.  Time is something I seem to always be short on.  One thing that is driving me a bit crazy is that I wanted to make one last post to the series regarding Sienna's birth.  I wanted to post about Caesarean recovery, but honestly I can't formulate good enough memories to put it down.  There were just too many drugs and too much pain.  I will say that my recovery was one of my hardest and was followed by a series of illnesses and setbacks even after I was back home.  It was a good 6 weeks before the illnesses all passed here and try as I might I just can not put together a decent blog post about it.  So sorry if I left anyone wondering. 

Next thought is that my tiny baby girl is no longer so tiny.  She is already four months old and I have been loving every ounce of her!!  My kids adore her, too.  I love watching all of them interact with her.  Caden is a bit rough, but she smiles about it (when she is not frightened... sometimes he startles her).  Savannah gets to hold her walking around some (with caution) and she has changed some diapers and clothing.  Sierra is jealous... not jealous of the baby, but that Savannah is allowed to do more.  Savannah is 3 years and 3 months older than Sierra.  Sierra is allowed to hold Sienna, but is not supposed to walk around with her or get her out of her highchair, etc..  She does it sometimes, anyway... and gets scolded.  Sahara loves to crawl in the baby bed and lay beside Sienna and play with her.  Caden does this some, also.  And yes, I let them.  Call me crazy, but I let my kids love on the baby as long as it is being monitored for safety and such. 

Our Summer has not been what I wanted.  Chaos has kind of been the mood around here this Summer.  I do not like chaos.  Goals have not been achieved and I am pretty sure I am the only one that cares.  LOL!  Only it really is not that funny to me.  ;)  But our Summer is coming to a close.  Normally, my husband would go back to his normal teaching job about a week before the students would.  That date would have been August 16th and that would leave us with almost a full month of Summer left.  That will not be the case this year because quite unexpectedly Cody got an Assistant Principal job at a local elementary school (Pre-K thru 1st grade).  It is very exciting!  His first official day of work will be August, BUT unofficially he is already working.  He interviewed on July 11th (Monday) and was supposed to find out the next day; however, within a few hours he got the call.  He signed the contract two days later on my birthday (Wednesday).  Then, he had a teacher workshop to attend the next day and went to work on Friday.  That was last week.  This week he will be working four days.  Next week he is supposed to work on Monday and be off the rest of the week, but we will see.  Other than the possibility of being off some next week our Summer has come to a close.  That's okay with me, though.  I am reading to get back to a routine!!  And it is pretty exciting that what we have wiated for has finally happened.  We could not ask for anything better!  ... and honestly we are having a hard time processing that this is reality because it is so stinking perfect!  God is good!

My closing thought is that I am prepping to get out schooling underway.  For the most part when Cody is at work we are at work/school.  It is just easier to follow his schedule because when he is home our schedule goes out the window.  And as I type this I wonder if that is the case for other homeschoolers out there.  Are you able to get school done when Daddy is home or does it just get too crazy?


  1. She is sooo cute! Congratulations to cody!!! How are you?

  2. Wow! So happy for the path God is leading you and your family on :)

    And to answer your question - nope! it is near impossible to get school done when daddy is home...unless he is laid up sick in bed and fast asleep. When Jason has a day off or is supposed to be home, we work off-days into our school calendar and pretty much only do school when he is at work ;)

  3. CONGRATS to Cody!!!! God's provision is simply amazing, isn't it?

    And school is definitely a lot more challenging when Greg is home, but lately I've been tossing him the math book and asking him to work with Hannah while I do Millie's reading. That's been ideal because we're done in half the time!! But a full day of school ... nope, it wouldn't happen unless Greg was out in the shop piddling while we were inside working.

    Glad to see more baby pics! :)

  4. Congratulations to Cody and your family! The Lord is good. Sienna is beautiful, love the pictures.
    Allen's back at work this week for four days, so we are getting back into our schedule. It is wonderful to have him home with us, but our schedule is usually messed up. We get a few things done, but not near what we do when it is just us. Again, so happy for you all.


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