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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Pie!

Well, we made the Apple Pie that we were supposed to make Friday for Expedition Earth to go with the book "How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World".  Actually, we made Pear Pie, since someone shared some local pears with us.  I really turned out yummy.  Unfortunately, my kids don't like Apple/Pear Pie and I knew this, but I was hoping it might be different with the whole book and helping make it thing.  Nope!  Caden ate a little, but not much.  They did enjoy the ice cream.....

Technically, I had scheduled this whole week off, so I am trying to decide still just how much school we will actually do.  I am thinking not too much.  It is early in the year to be taking breaks, but this week Cody was off for Labor Day, we have a short appointment on Wednesday, I really want to do the Spelling since it is a "Review Week", but I am thinking that special projects might be the way we go! 


  1. It looks like you are having fun!!! I am so glad you are enjoying this curriculum!!!!

  2. I love the hearts on the top of the pie! The crust is the best part for me. I'm not big on the filling, but I could eat an entire pie crust!

    By the looks of your previous posts, it looks like you are moving right along with school.

    Enjoy your break!

  3. Awww, love the pie and all those smiling faces :)


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