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Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up... Hehehe! (Scheduling Our Year & Random)

Okay... well, this is a bit of a joke because we did not have a school week this week.  At the beginning of our school year I sat down with a calendar and wrote in all the details that I already new about.  Then, I sat back and looked at it.  If we had more than one day in week that had outside commitments I put a little "x" out in the margin by that week.  The rest of the weeks got a little week number out by those.  Right away I noticed that this week my husband would be home for Labor Day and I knew that we would have our first week of co-op this Friday (today).  Also, I knew there was a short appointment that would require us to break away on Wednesday morning and I do not like even short disruptions in the day.  This week got one of my little "x" marks.  And that equals no school for us! 

So, what we did do this week was stay busy... sometimes busy doing nothing.  But I guarantee you that busy doing nothing is still busy here.  No matter how lazy you feel there is always someone that needs something done for them or there is a spill or other small disaster going on.  Ahhh.. and I must not forget... someone has to flush the toilets and I seem to be the official toilet flusher.  ;)  But I want tell you too much detail about all that. 

Monday was spent playing with friends that came over (and skipping Sierra's soccer practice because I think spending time with out of town friends is important) and then, spending time with more friends that dropped by.  I think I did laundry or something that morning, but that is all a blur.

Tuesday was spent lazing around and making that Apple/Pear Pie.

Wednesday was spent doing appointments... and that was pretty much it.  I had the one little quick appointment and then, I had to call the pediatrician about a rash that Sahara has had for over a month.  She has been to the doctors three times now for this rash.  It was one of those mystery rashes that just was not going away on her inner thighs.  She saw her actual doctor this time and he diagnosed it completely different... eczema.  And it seems he diagnosed it right because it looks better.  And that is a huge victory!  And I need to remember to send out a praise request to my Sunday School class about this one.  After all that appointment business we rushed home to hurry the kids off to church.   Errrrrkkkk.... (the sound of squealling brakes).... I forgot about half our day and this was the good stuff.  I intended to surprise the kids with lunch out someplace because I have never taken all five of them to eat alone.  I had considered Pizza Hut buffet, Chik-Fil-A, or McDonald's (ughhh McD's) and I was going to even get them kid's meals!!!.  Oh happy day!  See... we do not allow kid's meals.  First of all, we only drink water most of the time, especially when dining out.  Second, I do not like my kids lusting after toys and not eating their food.  Lastly, it is just too expensive and I can feed them way cheaper for about half the cost.  Well, I ended up wasting some of the day away and losing track of time.  That gave us 20 minutes to dine.  That eliminated Pizza Hut.  And I really wanted to take them to CFA... not McD's.  I told them that I would take them to CFA if they were super good and super fast.  And they were... and so I promised to bring them back to play in the playground.  And that is what we did.  It was nice.  I think I could move in there... they played... I sat.... I even ordered ice cream of which they shared with me... and we ordered more for them to eat on the way home.  Then, it was rush home to quickly eat a simple meal and take them to church. 

Thursday was a lot of laundry and a going through the family closet some.  What fun.  Not... When done somewhat we emerged with two boxes of clothes to get rid of.  And those will be going to help fire victims in Bastrop, Texas.  I still need to get that laundry put away....

Friday it was off to the first day of co-op and to the park.  We meet lots of new people and we got to see our old friends.  Yeah!  We came home and chilled... really...to cool off... kids played the Wii and we all sat around and ate ice cream out of the container.  Yes, because we are gross like that and I am a bad influence on my kids.  ;)  After that it was time to get serious in a lighthearted way.  A childhood friend of mine is now a co-worker of my husbands and she is taking chemo for breast cancer.  They caught it early and did a masectomy and now are doing the chemo...and her hair is falling out in clumps.  So, a couple days ago Cody offered to help her shave her head.  And today she decided she wanted to.  They arrived and she looked a little nervous, but good.  I asked her how SHE wanted to do this... behind closed doors or in the open?... her shave it, Cody, or me?... Pics or no pics?.... all those "little" details... And then, we just did it the way she wanted.  And she went home to her husband with the help of a friend.  We ordered pizza and rented a kid movie and that is how the week went..... and now I am going to bed.

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  1. We did a light week as well. We were not going to do school on Monday or Tuesday and then on Friday, Makaela had her classes. So for Wed and Thurs we just did some light school work. :o) We have a few more weeks like that as well, when Dad will be home.


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