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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Planting Time!

I am by no means a gardener!  This year I am going to give it try, AGAIN!  Last year's drought was enough to turn a person away from ever trying to garden, but I am going to put in all my efforts and try again.  Such is life... keep trying and maybe... just maybe, you might get the goal accomplished.  If not, well, at least, you tried!! 

On March 19th I started some bell pepper seeds in trays that are sprouting up.  I hope they get growing bigger soon.... ugh!  I am so impatient!  Really, I just know it heats up in Texas fast and I want to get them well established in the ground soon.  Bell peppers have gotten so pricey, so this is an important crop for me.  I remember growing up buying bell peppers for 4 for a $1.  Long gone are those days!

On that date I also planted some seeds in containers.  I just love old galvanized tubs and such!  Several years back I acquired a few and use them for various plantings.  Mostly, I have done flowers in them, but I have tried a few other things.  This year I am going to use them for herbs mostly.  So, I planted oregano, cosmos, dill, chives, basil, morning glories, and parsley.  Of course I had to do some flowers... and those seeds were super cheap (like a quarter!). 

Today it was time to break out the tiller.  And I am sooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiired now!  Cody did the tiller and I worked the rows and planted.  And I have no clue really what I am doing... well, some clue, but not a lot.  I planted a few things that are probably not going to make well due to the heat, but I had the seeds so I decided they were good for nothing just sitting in a package anyway.  I did consider this and tried to plant those things in areas that have a little more shade cover during some parts of the morning and evening.  I planted two diffferent lettuces and spinach.  Also, two wide rows with radishes and carrots.  And about 60+ white onions.  I am mostly hoping to get onions from this planting area.  Cody tilled up another larger bed that we planted 4 varieties of beans in.  Three are green beans for snapping and one is some kind of Cherokee Wax Yellow bean.  If those make (they were old seeds), then they will add a splash of color to our meals.  We tend to be green color food lovers.  Odd... I know! 

And after all that I picked up some more seeds tonight.  Oh my!  And a lot of tomato plants.  And I just want to share a little trick to getting more for your money when buying tomato plants (and some other plants).  I was buying little 4-packs and if you look at the stems and count them sometimes there are 2 or more where one should be.  One of my 4-packs had 7 actual stems in it.  If you are really careful you can pull these apart  and have more plants.  You just have to gently pull them apart without ripping at the roots.  I purposely searched through the available 4-packs to try to get some with extras and I was very lucky tonight. Woo hoo!  The plants are pretty tiny, though and that makes me a little nervous. 

Tomorrow after church I will plant my tomatoes and start thinking about the rest of my little gardening venture.  With all those seeds it may turn into a not so little gardening adventure, especially because I have every intention of buying some purple hull and crowder seeds (peas) at the feed store, also. 

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  1. Purple hull peas have always done well for us...as long as the aphids don't get em first. We are doing some companion planting this year to try and help with that issue though. Bush beans have done well with our heat, so has okra. Sounds like you have a great garden started :)


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