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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Age And Aging

Aging seems to be an issue for a lot of people.  I think it especially bothers ladies more.  This has never been a huge deal for me.  I want  to grow old gracefully.  I am sure that is partly due to my mother's and my aunt's approach.  Both of them were born in the early 50s and I can remember them both turning 30.  Oh my!  Oh the tears my aunt cried.  And when my mother turn 40 I threw her a surprise party.  She found out earlier that day and got mad at me and did not show up to her party.  I remember 30 well.  I felt like I was really young.  In fact, I felt like my life was really just beginning. 

Growing up it took my mother two hours to get dressed everyday because it took that long to do her hair and make-up.  And I never saw her real hair color.  My whole life I thought my mother had black hair.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  It was really brown until she started going gray.  Wow, that was so hard for her.  The idea that her hair would turn gray really upset her and thus began the quest to lighten it, so in my teenage years (her late 30s) she was having it "highlighted" and lightened.  I think she tried out every color to avoid gray.... to avoid aging.  Guess what else?  It did not stop the aging process.  ;) 

And why do I write this post?  Well, I will be 40 this summer.  And it really seems to be a big deal to other people.  My sister-in-law told me a while back she wanted to throw me an Over The Hill party.  She thinks it will bother me to turn 40.  I really don't get it.  Actually, I already say that I am forty sometimes.  I guess I know I am going to turn forty this summer, so when someone asks my age now it just slips out.  It's not a big deal to me.  I do hope my sister-in-law does not throw a party, but not because of my age.  I don't like attention for my birthday no matter what age.  It's just one of those things that makes me uncomfortable and I like that stuff to be reserved for kids. 

Pre-mature graying runs in my daddy's side of the family.  In fact, my daddy was turning gray at 19 years old.  Oh, how I remember him fighting the aging, as well.  Around the time I was seven (he was close to 30) I can remember him dying his hair... and mustache.  Oh yeah, the mustache was a thing he tried out to look younger.  Even as a teenager I remember finding an occassional gray hair.  Boy, did that ever scare me.  I thought I was going to be 25 with a full head of gray!  LOL!  I did not happen, though.  After my 30s the gray started coming a little more and I would randomly find one and pluck it out.  After my second miscarriage I really started finding a lot more gray and I do think stress can cause your hair to turn gray.  While I was pregnant with Sienna (just turned one) I decided I better stop pulling my gray hairs out or I was going to be bald!  LOL!  And it's funny how everyone thinks it is appropriate to tell you they think you are old when you are pregnant.  But I am not old.  Old is a state of mind!!!!  I know many women that have been old since their late 20s... they act "old" and I just do not get it.  And I am really fine with my gray hairs.  I think they are like a badge of honor.  And I am fine with being 40... soon. 

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