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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing My Adult Hen Varieties

Golden Sex Link

We have two Golden Sex Link hens and they are almost as dark as our Rhode Island Red hens.  When you buy them you do not know what color they will turn out to be.  I think they are quite pretty gals!  They kind of look like they are wearing a petticoat under their dress and they have a pretty pattern around their necks.  Actually, one has this pattern around the neck and the other does not and is a little lighter in color.  One of our rat terriers got out and chased one of our ladies (the one pictured above) with us screaming a chasing behind them.  The dog did get the chicken, but she survived and is missing all but three tail feathers that look like one poking out.  I checked on her today and there is a puncture wound from the dog's teeth and she jerked, so I know it must hurt her.  Dumb dog.  Really, I love rat terriers, but they are hunters.  I was hoping this would not be a problem.  They have also killed two of our bantam hens but I thought that was because the hens flew in the dog yard.  Looks like those two rat terriers will be staying in their yard with the electric fencing wire turned ON.  Sad, but that's just how its gotta be!

 Barred Rock

We also have two Barred Rock hens and I love the color of these ladies.  Walking about they look almost as big as our other hens, but when you pick them up they are considerably lighter and smaller than the rest of our flock. 

Rhode Island Red

We have two Rhode Island Red hens and they are dark reddish in color. 

Black Australian

Again we have two Black Australian hens and they are our heaviest gals.  I think they are our dominant hens, but all of these ladies mingle well together and are not aggressive.  These are solid black with a green sheen to their feathers.  I have truly been surprised at how pretty I think chickens are now. 

I can hardly wait to see what our other hens will mature to look like.  Our older chicks are in that ugly stage right now.  They are New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rocks, and Silver Wyanndotte hens.  Yes, I got two of each.  I just like them to have a buddy.  ;)  Or rather a "gal"friend.  Our younger chicks are just past that tiny cute and fluffy stage, but are still quite cute.  They are Buff Orpingtons (two) and Aracaunas... five of those because a lot of colored eggs.. had six, but one drowned in it's water. 

So, that's our little flock!  This could get addictive.  Today I discovered Cuckoo Marans and now I want a couple of those so we can have chocolate colored eggs! 

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