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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dinner and Silly Kids and Tricky Parents

While we were outside yesterday I asked Caden what he wanted for dinner.  He said, "Cookies!"

Later when I was in the house, Caden came running in the kitchen and saw spaghetti pasta boiling in a pot and said, "Spaghetti!!! We're having spaghetti for dinner?!!  You're the best momma ever!!" 

That boy cracks me up!  And he is ALWAYS hungry... and my least picky child as long as you don't try to make him eat potatoes.  I can get him to eat mashed potatoes if I put food coloring in them.... and yeah, I'm tricky like that.  Ha!  Give a kid a toothpick to stir in some food coloring and you will be surprised what they will eat.  I have always been amazed that you can get them to eat by putting a few toothpicks on the edge of their plate and letting them eat dinner with toothpicks.  Weird... but it works.  And one evening my older ones were eating with chopsticks and Sahara noticed she had none.  I got her a set of "special little chopsticks"... TOOTHPICKS!!  Yes, it worked like magic.  She got busy right away eating with her "chopsticks" and it was one of those times when Cody and I looked at each other across the table in amazement that it actually worked.  Silly kids!!
This little thing saves a lot of crazy moments at dinner.

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