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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Fear: Radishes Are Fast!

I am not an experienced gardener, so this year I just decided not to follow fear.  So many times we let fear hold us back.  Even in the simplest of tasks most of us don't want to fail.  In the past I have just tried to try planting a few basics: tomato, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. (and seriously, not much more than that).  This year I have just picked up a variety of seeds.  One of the things I am trying out this year are radishes.  I am not really sure who is going to eat them besides me, but I can say that my oldest daughters is interested just because she sees the radishes growing.  I am going to say that again... she is interested in the radishes JUST BECAUSE SHE SEES THEM GROWING!  If that does not inspire a person to plant a garden, I don't know what would. 

Anyway, little did I know that radishes are a fast growing plant.  We planted the seeds one day and two days later they were popping up out of the ground.  A couple weeks and you have red radishes shining out from under the beautiful leafy tops.  And I never really thought about how a radish grows.  They just kind of sit there on top of the soil with a small root going down into the ground, so you get to watch them as they grow.  In about a month's time you are ready to harvest radishes!  We have some that we could harvest, but I am trying to hold out a few more days.  One more thing I had read was that if they do not get a lot of water they will be hot to the taste.  I don't like when radishes are hot, so I have made a point to water them more than I might otherwise do.  Savannah has shown an interest in helping me add some extra watering as well.  I really enjoy when my kids help in some way.  And it is interesting how each child has done some part of the garden with me.  We have not worked alongside each other through every step; however, each child has stepped in for the parts that draw their interest.  I have really enjoyed seeing the garden "draw them in".  I know in time they will develop even more interest and a love for gardening. 

Update:  I got busy and so this is a couple days later... I did go ahead and harvest a few radishes that were definitely ready.  Savannah and I tasted them, but I was sad to find they are hot.  I guess I did not fully understand what it meant when it said they need a lot of water to not be spicy.  I think they are going to need to be mixed in a salad or something and served with a creamy dressing (milk coats the taste buds and lessens the sting of hot things).  So, I guess we need to add some daily watering to our day for the rest of the crop.  Anyway, they are so beautiful and fun to watch grow.  The leaves are edible as well and have a good taste.  I could totally see eating them in a salad.  Just in the last few days ours have started turning brown around the edges, so I do not plan to harvest them for salad.  The next time I plant radishes I will water more, harvest them early, and harvest before the leaves start to turn.  It has been fun to watch the radishes grow.
This is not my actual photo, but mine looked just like these.  I am thinking that in the future I will plant some in containers (like old galvanize wash tubs which I love) and place them around my deck.  They are as pretty as a flower growing!!!

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