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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Old Fashioned Maw Maw: Sunbonnets

In the interest of time I am borrowing this internet snapshot because upon doing a quick search this looks the most like the ones my grandmother used to make.  So, for the record the Sunbonnet pictured is NOT my own picture.  This is the style when laying flat.  And here is the one my Maw Maw made with her very own hands:
Savannah (11)

Sierra (8)

As I wrote the post about my grandmother the other day I began to think about her sunbonnets.  The one pictured here is the one that she gave Savannah for a birthday gift one year.  We treasure it.  We had another that she gave us when Savannah was born, but I can not seem to find it.  It was my favorite because it was all white, but made from a calico fabric with a faint print.  The one pictured has been worn by several of my girls and it is very versatile.  That one will fit on the baby and the eleven year old.  How smart is that?!  And that is the way things of old were.  Versatile... useful... simple.... lovely. 

As I stood at the washing machine yesterday that little bonnet was laying nearby and I picked it up and ran my hands over it.  I kept thinking, "I wish I had Maw Maw's old pattern."  For whatever reason I kept moving things around and the little bonnet was back in my hands over and over again.  Eventually, I thought, "I could make a pattern off of it, if I take the time."  And that is what I did this morning.  I started at breakfast time carefully marking out the pieces and then, I began writing out step by step instructions and thinking out the whole process.  By noon I had it done.  Of course, I am not busy at all with everyday life... LOL... so things take me longer than the average person might.  So, I am happy to now have a pattern off of my Maw Maw's sunbonnet with detail instructions that my own children can one day use. 

And as I sit her now I am reflecting on her love for Sunbonnet girls....
I've seen her make things like this.  In fact, I have seen her make whole quilts like this with each block of the quilt being a different scene.  I can hardly imagine the HOURS that went into one quilt like that... Or even the hours that went into one square for the quilt.

I remember large quilts with these little girles all over, also.  Oh how she loved her sunbonnet girls.  I am guessing they reminded her of her own children or of the child she once was. 

{This post was actually typed on May 16th and scheduled to post.}

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