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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summertime Ponderings

It is the time of year when life seems so busy.  Hmmmm... well, it seems that way all them time, but now it is that "end of the schooling year time".  Decisions have to be made.  I have to decide if our school year is ending completely.  Learning is easier if it continues year round to some degree.  Yet, we do need some breaks.  And there is so much other stuff to be done.  It is a big planning time.  And vacation is calling and we are struggling with whether we should plan a big trip or some smaller somewhat local trips. 

My thoughts on schooling are:
  • We are officially done for our school year. 
  • Co-op also ended a couple of weeks ago. 
  • We will continue with Math on some level.  We have enough lessons to keep us busy the whole Summer, but I think we are going to do Math 2-3 days a week and cut the lessons down.  I think for Savannah we will go over any new concepts covered in 1-3 lessons each day and work a few problems that are new concepts, then pick 1-2 of one section of the review portions of a lesson.  For Sierra I think I will have her try to do 2-3 lessons of Math on our Math days. 
  • I want to keep the kids writing through the Summer from which I will keep a watch over their spelling and such.
  • I also think it might be a good time to cover some studies we have not gotten to do in a relaxed way.
  • For my littles I want to have some daily schooling that will make it easier to transition into next year.
My thoughts of things we need to do around here:
  • Well, it is too much to list right now, but there are many "finish up what you started projects", gardening, vehichle maintenance and repair ,home repairs, the desire for ripping up carpet and replacing with hard surface flooring (probably wood).
My thoughts of vacation:
  • I want to go.  I always want to go.  I am one of those people that could travel all the time and never really miss home as long as we are all together.  My little family is my "home". 
  • I don't want to pack.  And I don't want to feel like a pack mule loading and unloading our stuff here and there and everywhere.  I want to relax.
  • Home... home is where I think we would be most relaxed, but we have such awesome opportunities that we never know when we might lose to really vacation as a family.  My husband has been a teacher and has always had a 2 1/2 - 3 month off for Summer.  Last year he began a job as an Assistant Principal and that Summer got cut short by a few weeks.  This Summer is even shorter.  He will have two off weeks in June.  One of those our family will participate in Vacation Bible School.  He will also have the month of July off except for the last partial week.  And everyone's life is unpredictable.... we never know when those times off could disappear completely, so I feel we should not waste them while we have them.  With all that said... there is a LOT that needs to be done here andd I am usually the only one with the vision for it all. 
  • Colorado is our choice destination.  And I want to go and take the kids.  They have been there for Winter (some of them), but not Summer.  I want them to experience camping.  We live in Texas, but we are NOT camping in Texas.  It is too humid and sticky here.  Mix that with the heat and we are just not doing it.  ;)  The issue... issues:  So far away = so much time in a vehicle with five kids wanting to be out of the vehichle. 
Just my Summer ponderings.....
.... Tell me yours or post about it and let me know you posted, so I can go read it.

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